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Full Moon in Scorpio, 27 th April 2021, 5.31am CET, Malta.

Openings to Regeneration

This full Moon in the axis Scorpio / Taurus is putting before us an opportunity to choose between

clinging and letting go.

It is also the second in a serie of lunations spanning the whole year 2021. This serie of lunations is a portal to a new dimension of well-being for humanity and the beings we share the planet with ('THE ART OF NUMEROLOGY: DISCOVERING THE PORTALS' ). This full Moon links directly to the 3rd of four eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in November, in which the Earth will cast a shadow over the Moon. This eclipse will also be the only one in the serie that does not conform to the numerological pattern of the other eclipses, and will be pointing directly to karma, our attachment to the known.

The known is the clinging, the closing off, the defending of the old. The unknown is the space of the surprising and the new.

In the Maltese language the word “Għalqa”, meaning “field”, has its roots in the word “Għalaq”, which means “closing away”, or “blocking”.

The Squares:

The struggle is very real, and is expressed astrologically in what is perhaps the strongest and most persistent aspect of 2021; the square Saturn / Uranus. Basically these two gods are going to be in a tie for the whole year.

This means that conflict is inevitable, inner, outer, personal, social. We have been living in a Saturnian world for very long, one ruled by agriculture, repeatability, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, responsibility, law, restriction, safety, alienation... all at the expense of the primordial freedom that knows only change and newness. One fact that we easily overlook, however, is that manifestations of negative energy and the blocks that create them are a blessing, one that as far as we know is coded into the very essence of reality... almost like a metaphysical form of mercy, a last chance protocol. We are forced to face the blocks, and when the action of facing is performed, there is always an opening – big or small – for regeneration.

Nature has its own, beautifully simple version of the story. The butterfly trapped in the cocoon,

without which it would have never been formed. The struggle necessary for it to free itself from

that restriction is itself the way for it to achieve the strength that will allow it to fly and fulfil its

destiny. It will be trapped in another form, that of a butterfly; and yet it is not possible for it to be

what it is if not for the 'trap' of its specific form. But it's better to be a butterfly than a cocoon. And that too is a fact, if one chooses it to be so.

The square Saturn / Uranus has further dimensions to it. Saturn is presently also square to the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Black Moon Lilith. The struggle is going to reach every level of life, from the most superficial to the deepest. So one can see no scenario in which this lunation is going to be anything but very difficult.

The more harmonious aspects are however also there, and they are as numerous. While the

difficulty inherent in this chart should not be understated, these aspects do add up, offering us an opportunity to humbly work with what is presently available, and for the rest, be patient.

The Trines and Sextiles:

  • The Moon is in a trine with Mars. This aspect helps us draw upon the courage and initiative of the previous new Moon. It assures us that we are able to handle this.

  • Another trine is the one between Saturn and the North lunar node. This indicates that the restrictions that we feel imprisoned by do actually offer an opening for us to becoming more authentically who we are. The cocoon is not sealed. There is a world of possibilities that we have not yet explored.

  • This aspect and its opening becomes stronger and clearer because Chiron is placed in an intermediary position in the trine Saturn / N.Node, forming a sextile aspect with each planet on either side. Within this context a so-called 'minor' planet forming minor aspects can become the extra five cents you need to buy the ticket. In fact Chiron is the planet of healing, and when it is in harmonious aspect to both Saturn and the N.Node it is definitely providing energy to move forward in actualizing our destiny (our truth) by facing the deep wounds left by experience (in this life or past ones).

A farmer offers a part of his produce to hikers. A simple, silently powerful gesture.

In the name of safety and protection, the system, coded by the flyers, is perfecting the science of

manipulation. It will offer us many blue pills, and sometimes it is going to be seriously challenging to refuse. And yet this is the way for us to tap into the vast reserves of our inner mystery, to remember ourselves on a deeper level than that of the conditioned mind, and perhaps deeper still into what karma has led us to become who we are today. The vast reserves of this power are already within us. Saturn is there to force us into discovering them. Uranus is there to make sure we use them.

I will leave the last words to an authentic woman of power, Vandana Shiva, who in this interview,

not only gives Bill Gates' book the well-deserved accolade of “rubbish”, but also says the


“... so there is an arrogance; 'I can't be touched'. You know, the British empire had that arrogance...'the Sun never sets on the British empire...' And IT SET. If we realise that we live in a power, in a powerful world full of energy, and that energy is a creative energy of the universe, and our power is the spiritual power of aligning ourselves... the right action... then we are very powerful, and these people who think they are beyond all accountability, can be brought to account. We just have to ensure that none of us allow our ego to overtake us, none of us allow hate and division to become the way we start to think, and third; none of us ever give up the power we have. We are powerful beings in a powerful world.”

May the Force be with us,


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