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Full Moon in the axis Aquarius / Leo, 12th August 2022, 3.35 CET, Malta.

This full Moon chart is significantly characterised by the erotic. This immensely creative modality of the Life-Force is one that refuses to be crystallized in any definite form and refuses to be tamed and deployed for any definite purpose. This peculiar characteristic has led cultures bent on control – therefore unable to channel it creatively – to repress this energy, confine it, constrict and demonize it. This attitude has helped create psychic, psychological, and cultural monstrosities that currently enslave humanity in the shadow of guilt and self-loathing.

Messages from the deep, relating to how these monstrosities affect our lives, are likely (Mercury opp. Nessus).

The Moon

The Moon, peregrine in Aquarius, is in a state of aimless wandering. This may result in a foggy and confused emotional state. The particular decan it occupies also points to a tendency for mental tension and over-activity. Add to this the fact that the lunar nodes are forming a square aspect with the Moon and the Sun, and you have a pretty good idea why your destiny, so clearly and enthusiastically pictured only days ago, is presently escaping you...


On the other hand, lost is a great place to start again, re-form, re-structure. And this is quite what Saturn R, ruler by dignity of Aquarius (so very strong and free to do what it wants), is demanding as it conjuncts this weak Moon. Acting on a very deep unconscious level, it is demanding an inner re-structuring in the way we relate to ourselves and others, how we care and wish to be cared for. Moving us beyond our egotism, fears and fantasies, this re-structuring involves the development of an inner stability that forms itself in response to our choices about what is truly precious to us. To unite forces with those who share our vibration is a good place to start.


One of the main events, as it happens exactly on the day of the full Moon and in the Sun's domain, is Venus' entry in Leo. If the real risk of an off-the-charts self-importance is kept in check, there is a noble side to Leo that Venus can truly bring out. And as it turns out, it is the little but dangerous rock called Eros that gives us the clue as to how important this Venusian modulation of Leo is.


This intense energy, the erotic, has been repressed as intensely as it wants to rise and manifest. And the opposite of repression is expression, which is Leo's favourite word. Eros, in its physical form as a relatively small rock that is rated (by Reason) as one of the most likely to someday crash into Earth and create an extinction-level catastrophe, happens to be the Scout Planet for this full Moon. Permit us to remind the reader that the scout planet acts like a talisman that neutralises the egoic tendencies of the sign in which the Sun is. And we all know that if there is a sign that is prone to “egoic tendencies”, Leo is it. But the beauty of the maneuver that Eros and Venus perform in this chart lies in the fact that Leo is not asked to stop expressing, but encouraged to express, to reverse the repression imposed by the system of fake spirituality, fake health and fake rules.


When we consider that the planet of expansion and success, Jupiter, is in a harmonious trine with Venus, Eros, and the Vertex (West, water element, fate, and romantic relationships), we can get a better idea of the magnitude of what is happening. In retrograde motion Jupiter is bringing inner harmony, growth, luck, and much happiness. While these may be difficult to manifest in the world at this present time, due to some harder aspects which need attending to first, to keep and hold within ourselves a fire of confidence and adventure is a sure way of being ready and worthy when the time comes to make it happen. So, forbearance.

Please be reminded to listen to your inner voice, as all this enthusiasm and expansion can become a bit reckless. Saturn R provides the counter-balance.


Neptune in retrograde is also in a harmonious trine with Venus and the flagrantly erotic Sappho. This is a time to truly have confidence in our dreams, even if they might not be as clear as we wish for now. And here we come to the point of making peace with this fogginess.

Eros is a naughty little bugger. His arrow has a straight trajectory, never very sensitive to the complications inherent to socialized humanity. It is disruptive and uncompromising, refusing to be controlled. But thousands of years of practice have turned the human psyche into an interpretative machine, thus pulling the human essence from a direct experience of the real. The mind cannot bear the presence of the erotic force, its pure creativity, and its joy in the simple fact of existence. So it very quickly turns it into desire, want, attachment. It programs it to objectify the 'other' in a way that enhances the personal ego.

But this desire, this energy, if experienced directly, as a feeling, as a celebration of being-alive, can become a key to a liberating weakening of the ego. In it our inner god is cornered to accept the existence of his counter-weight; our need to be loved. However strong or worthy of admiration we feel, we are always in need of being simply loved, appreciated, and supported. To surrender to the fact of our “weakness”, to accept and face it, is to find power in our own truth. The illusion of separateness is thus broken. The erotic is acknowledged and allowed to be.

Thus the king becomes the willing servant, but never the slave.


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