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Full Moon in the axis Aries / Libra, 6th April 2023, 6.34 CET, Malta.

Keeping the Truth Alive!

The past new Moon is culminating in this full Moon with a reverse scenario: Ascendant in Aries, Descendant in Libra. It also seems that we should consider this FM mainly as a preparation for the coming Solar Eclipse later on this month. Everything points to this as a very important event.

Clearly the most influential energy in this chart is that of the god of war. By far the most activity is happening in the Eastern hemisphere, the direction of the Fire element. Here we find the ascendant falling on the 1st sign of the zodiac, the Fire sign, Aries. When we include the presence of the Sun we can see this is a very fiery spot! However, in a way reminiscent of the previous new Moon, and also in a reverse way, we find that all this activity is happening in the 12th house, the house ruled by Pisces, the most watery and spiritual sign of the zodiac. This in fact sets the scenario for this chart; the bringing of the spiritual into the physical.

Follow the Scout

Scout planet is Chiron, which mitigates the ego of the sign. What is the ego of Aries? Technically speaking Aries is pre-egoic, as it is pure survival instinct. No image of the self has been created yet. However in Aries you have a drive to survival in which the 'other' doesn't exist, and that is an ingredient of egoic consciousness. For Aries there is only the physical, the procurement of the basic needs for survival. Aries represents the basis for a view of reality which emphasizes the physical aspect, forgetting that the physical is a transitory chrystallisation of a much vaster realm of spirit.

This falls right into Chiron's expertise. The wounded healer leads us away from the trap of materialistic unconsciousness to enter and experience a realm of spirit at least as real as the physical one. This is valuable, as a necessary step for the warrior is to learn to perceive reality in terms of energy. We have been indoctrinated by a materialist mind, focusing on what we can see, touch, and what we know through experience. This is the fixation of the assemblage point on reason. And for as long as this fixation is in place we cannot find a creative response to the madness of the materialist world. We will be doomed to dance to the music of manipulation.

On a collective level this could be expressing the serious situation with the globalist locomotive that is clearly willing to sink the ship in order to “keep moving forward.” The shift of the Moon from Aries to Libra, especially on the doorstep to a 2-year eclipse cycle involving these signs, may be telling us much about where, in this mess, our happiness lies. The appreciation of each other's complimentary differences, the ability and willingness to 'move together', the wisdom to respond intelligently to the shocks of agitation brought about by the globalist theatre...

Humanity is faced with a challenge; one through which it either gains access to a collective intelligence that is inherent in its spirit, or one in which it will be herded by an artificial one into an oppressive unification. On an individual level our understanding and commitment to what feeds our inner flame must be pursued with unbending intent, knowing as we do so that this is the truest contribution we can offer to the evolution of consciousness. Through the acknowledgement of the collective we activate the positive side of Aries within us. Much healing will come to us and through us.

Mercury's Move

Mercury is conjunct the N.Node, and moving towards Uranus. It will reach a conjunction with Uranus – and turn retrograde – around the new Moon / Eclipse on the 20th April. This is the 'influence' connected with the attempts from the masters of the world to make speaking the truth about vaccinations and pandemics illegal. It is not improbable that these coming days will see a further rise in madness, as the 'system' is very agitated. There is the increased possibility of violence. As we prepare for Mercury retrograde we are invited to an inward turn.

In the article on the Solar Eclipse later this month I will expand on the story between Mercury and Uranus within a larger context going back to 2020. For now it is enough for us to understand that the movement of Mercury from a conjunction to the N.Node, reaching a conjunction to Uranus during a very important Solar Eclipse, indicates that we should consider this present full Moon as a precious time for preparation. We must make sure to be on high alert and vigilance, bringing into our everyday life a new level of awareness.

This energy of awareness is available in the two harmonic aspects of Saturn

1) Saturn trine Mars

2) Saturn sextile Mercury + N.Node

The god of war tends to be a channel for the expression of our Sun, our true being. This expression takes place in action. With Saturn in harmonic aspect this expression will find the minimum restriction... not nothing at all, but just enough to bring forth a more mature and chiselled version of 'who I am'.

The sextile is activated by practice; Mars' aspect to Saturn activates Mercury's. As we prepare for the eclipse, finding time for meditation, exercise and study is a good idea. Mercury's conjunction to the N.Node indicates that if we align to this configuration we can receive a clearer vision of where it is all going and how we should act. We can think of this synchronicity of aspects as a warrior's training ground. Through attention to this month's portals (link) we can find the link to the other world.

The Neptune Intrigue

The sextile between Venus and Neptune, happening in the signs of Taurus and Pisces – which they rule respectively, indicates the potential to bring the imagination into contact with the physical and beautify it. It also indicates that love, pleasure and beauty, can be experienced simultaneously in the physical and spiritual dimensions. A good time to deepen our romantic relationships through the expression of pleasure in each other's beauty, as well as bringing our creativity into the service of universal well-being. As usual a sextile needs to be activated, and there is plenty in this chart that will lead us to action.

The Question of Agriculture

Pluto's square with Mercury indicates that the manipulation of communication, particularly that of mainstream media parrotting the mantra of Climate ChangeTM and techniques of population bullying, creates a theatrical spectacle aimed at instilling fear in people. Some of this fear is coming from the disgusting attempts at the take-over of agricultural land and food supplies by the global elite in their relentless march toward control. The opposition Neptune – Ceres puts us on alert for this illusion regarding agriculture and survival. Pluto is in a trine to Ceres, thus probably highlighting the brighter side of his estranged sister. This is helped by the fact that we are in Spring season in which Ceres is said to be reunited to her daughter and therefore happy to provide plenty.

We have to be vigilant. Our spiritual search is not contrary, but complimentary to our physical well-being. Fear makes us do silly things, and if we dance to its music we will be playing into the hands that seek to manipulate us. Much understanding is needed, and therefore activating the more positive sides of Neptune and Mercury is an important step toward keeping the truth alive.


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