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Full Moon in the axis Sagittarius / Gemini, 19th December 2021, 5.35 CET, Malta

Diamonds in the Rough

Venus is slowing down until it comes to a standstill and goes retrograde a few hours after the full Moon. This is happening as she is in conjunction with Pluto. Usually such aspects are short-lived due to the high speeds of the inner planets, but this time this conjunction lasts a while, making it an important influence in the chart.

Venus rules mirrors, and from one side it is good to look, see and appreciate the deep changes that have happened within us during 2021. This full Moon is also connected not only to the new Moon / eclipse that preceded it, but also to the new Moon / eclipse in Gemini in June, inviting us to let the knowledge and inner structure we have earned during 2021 come to fruition and make our lives beautiful.

The betrayals, abuses and obsessions with power coming from the dark side can be difficult to handle as they play on our weaknesses and confound our sense of beauty and desire. The warrior's path involves knowing things that can break anyone's spirit. What makes one a warrior is the refusal to stop at the breaking point, and therefore regenerating himself, stronger, clearer. Ceres in harmonious aspect to Pluto and Venus can give us the necessary patience to allow growth to happen of its own accord. These little victories we now carry into the next year as the light returns. We have held the line through the blackmail and the pressures. That is not nothing.

(Venus and Pluto will soon be drifting away from each other; they will meet again as Venus leaves Capricorn in March 2022. One can consider this 3-month period a passage of creative regeneration.)

Jupiter is trine to the Moon, making this lunation a lucky one. One must be careful with this luck as it can quickly turn against us if we are reckless. Neptune square the FM and Pluto conj. Venus indicate this tendency. But, given that we keep our alertness above the threshold of stupidity and self-importance, applying moderation to counter-balance Zeus' tendencial arrogance, this should be a time of growth and well-being in material as well as spiritual things.

Mars, entering Sagittarius less than a week ago, is also crowded with aspects. Giving us the impulse to venture beyond our comforts in knowledge as well as in action, its opposition to the North Node and Ceres indicates that study and acts of courage will be eventually rewarded with clarity of vision and new opportunities. A soft square to Jupiter indicates that at least some patience will be required.


May we turn the challenges we face into

Opportunities to refind

Our warring heritage,

Our magical being.

Diamonds are formed under enormous pressure.

Happy Yule and New Year


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