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Full Moon in the Axis Sagittarius / Gemini, 14th June 2022, 13.51 CET, Malta.

The theme of mental confusion and being faced with the contradictions in our lives is carried forward from the preceding new Moon and here intensified. During this full Moon, we are called to restore unity to our psyche by finding out what contributes to its fragmentation. To accomplish this task we are to look quite deeply into the sources of our conditioning, in this case particularly the various expressions of the Father Archetype.

We are faced with it a few days before the Summer solstice, which ushers in the reign of the Sun. This complex archetype expresses itself in many ways. The biological father, government, organized crime, teachers and mentors, secret societies, the 'architect', religious authorities, and providers of financial and emotional security are some examples. The integration of this archetype involves taking responsibility for our own life-situation, discovering where and why we out-source our mind to an outside authority, and also taking back the power of self-governance.

It includes appreciating what has been laid out for us as a help, and knowing the difference between what is still useful to our growth and what is not.

It also involves making peace with the responsibilities one has agreed to, tearing up contracts or confirming them consciously, and dealing creatively with resentment and guilt. This refers to the decisions others have made for us in our absence as well as those times when we shot ourselves in the foot without much help from the outside.

Saturn has just turned retrograde.

It is a time to slow down, re-evaluate, re-organize, simplify... and move ahead with more confidence and inner structure. His three sons, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are each playing significant and seemingly unrelated roles in this chart. Here we will try to bring out the points of convergence.

Neptune / Full Moon (mutable) T-Square (big red triangle in chart)

This full Moon demands of us a serious and honest look at the situation of our lives. One of the great challenges of this lunation, represented by the T-Square that Neptune forms with the full Moon, is to be honest with ourselves about our illusions.

Once we see an illusion for what it is, then and only then can we retrieve the dream upon which it feeds.

Saturn R, in a harmonious aspect to the full Moon, brings the right energy for a sobering reality-check. Is my mind my own? Who / What formed the path that I have been threading?

Where are my dreams? Where have I left them? What illusions have they been replaced with? How have I surrendered my spirit of adventure and originality to repetition and authority?

The Stellium in Taurus (marked with orange circle)

A stellium is simply 3 or more planets and points in conjunction. In this chart Venus, Pallas, Uranus and the North Node are forming a stellium in Taurus. Pallas, born not of a woman's womb but formed in the head of Jupiter, is the paradigm of the woman who sacrifices her femininity in order to gain opportunity in the patriarchal world. This gives her security and respect, but estranges her from her essential nature as a woman. Associated with the healing and transformative power of the snake and the shedding of old skin, she here meets the ultra-feminine Venus in her own kingdom. They merge, Pallas' ambitions succumb to a deeper reality. She discovers her hidden beauty. Within her a deep revolution is happening, it surprises her, bringing her one step closer to realizing her true destiny.

She is not simply someone else's idea anymore. The mind has found the womb and has therefore become truly creative, integrated, rooted in the source.

How the aspects Converge

This stellium is in a harmonious trine to Pluto R. Spot-on between them is Neptune, forming a harmonious sextile aspect with both on each side (orange circles), while also forming the T-Square to the full Moon (big red square). Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, home of the full Moon, this configuration connects the three sons of Saturn and their roles during this lunation. It throws light on the evolutionary importance of re-educating the mind according to our essential nature.

Instead of the poison and paralysis coming from the egoic mind, we can nurture a new mind grounded in the Source. It becomes a tool we can use to positively meet the challenge of transformation and manifest our dreams.

The 4th leg: Stability replaces false security.

T-Squares could be considered as grand crosses, only 'missing' the 4th leg, which gives stability and confidence once the challenge is met.

The theme of self-honesty and service is enforced by the 'missing' 4th leg of the Neptune T-Square, which falls in Virgo, house 1 (blue line). Virgo's attention to detail and honest mind will help us dive deeper into the sources of our personality (the illusory self). As we move beyond the illusions and impurities of the murky waters, we find inner coherence.

The other T-Square in this chart (marked with green circles and lines) is made up of Lilith, Pholus and Jupiter, with the 'missing' 4th leg falling in Libra, 12th house. In this dynamic Cardinal T-Square we find the theme of resentment vs. forgiveness. To forgive both ourselves and others for losses we can never bring back is to enter a space of opportunity, a space of egoless oneness. Here we move beyond our resentful ego and discover our true identity. We thus fulfil the Neptunian challenge of raising our life in the material world to spiritual awareness.

The Lesson of the Scout

The Scout Planet for this lunation is Sappho. In these challenging and confusing times she comes as a breath of fresh air, cutting through the conflicts and impurities. She teaches us to simplify, to find our inner unity by trusting our bliss.

What naturally focuses my attention, bringing alertness and a fierce peace?

What is it that without much effort makes me want to be of service?

What soul-gifts have I forgotten or neglected?



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