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Full Moon in Virgo, 27th February 2021, 9:17am CET, Malta

Ground the Noise, Play your Song

A few days ago I visited two fellow warriors at their music shop. They were discussing a problem with a client about his electric guitar. It was producing a constant noise which interfered negatively with the guitar's sound. It turned out that there was a “grounding” problem. You can imagine my surprise at finding at my friends' shop, the same problem I was experiencing with my own guitar! And perhaps you can also imagine how my heart sank in my chest when the client who had my same guitar problem introduced himself with my identical name! It is a bit scary when the spirit is so clear with you. I knew what the sign meant, and it fits perfectly with the energy of this full Moon.

Full Moons in general:

A Full Moon puts our emotional baggage in overdrive. Our emotions are fickle things, they change and twirl, and they affect us very strongly. They are our constant companion, or even, one might muse, our constant bully. We rarely have control over them, very much in the same way as we don't have control over the Moon's cycles.

But control is not really the name of the game here. Attempts at control per se are very often misguided and end up being personal illusions for which we – and those around us – will eventually pay a pretty high price. The specific emotion (as well as the thoughts that accompany it) exists because something triggers it, and because something hidden from our immediate conscious gaze makes it possible. Thus the ability to “let the emotion arise freely”, be grounded in attention to it, and stay with it without fear, justification or condemnation, is the key factor in the dissolution of automatic emotional activity. As Tolle and others clearly point out (and we can all verify this for ourselves), in the absence of awareness there is immediate identification with the emotion; and this generates more pain, more baggage, more disappointment, and feelings of being stuck in an infinitely repeating nightmare.

Like unwanted noise from a guitar, emotional and mental noise interfere with the pleasure of living. Sometimes we become so accustomed to the noise that we lose sight of our inner song. The full Moon is a time in which our emotions are stronger, louder. This increases our chances of catching them, as we do suffer negative emotional activity more intensely during this time. The moment of catching them is the beginning of freedom.

Remove self-criticism, install self-observation:

The detail, clarity and persistence of Virgo can really make a serious difference when it comes to finding out the pain that lingers from the past as emotional baggage, or pain-body. During this full Moon this grounded mutable earth-sign, ruled by Mercury, is offering its diamond-sharp knack for research, its attention to the physical body, as well as its urge to heal.

To be grounded as you observe yourself, focused enough to “stay with it”, follow the thread down the rabbit hole, is the key to true change. The fluidity and limpidness of Pisces, always pointing to a higher way of being, puts us before a real opportunity for inner growth. As indicated by the square, sextile, and semi-sextile aspects between Uranus, Saturn, and the Sun, this will however require the effort of facing the material world and its Saturnian realities. This includes a very real karmic dimension, as well as responsibilities and recurring chores we have been running away from. You cannot move into the gate of the other world unless you face, fairly and squarely, the gate of this one. Otherwise we are doomed to “always be stopped by the hardness of the physical world” (don Juan).

We are in luck, however, as facing the physical world is Virgo's speciality, and true healing is available. But there is a trick that the ego and pain-body will use to block the healing; self-criticism. This is also one of Virgo's traits, the negative side of its pure honesty. So here the gentle touch of Pisces comes to remind us about how being kind to ourselves is not a luxury, but indeed a necessary part of clear, residue-free, change.

3 Beautiful Trines:

This FM is the last one in the astrological or seasonal year. One can see it as the grand finale, a kind of climax. We usually find out the reason for whatever has happened in a story, a movie, a song, in the climax. It gathers and gives sense to what happened before, ties the knot, and justifies the fact that the work of art has to end. We are spot-on inside that climax right now, and we sure would like to breathe a sigh of satisfied relief as the black screen appears or the last note dies out.

This becomes more possible if we appreciate how far we have gone in these past six months. This FM has a particular connection with the new Moon of last September in Virgo, which was a gate out of conflict and into a more harmonious way of life. This is it. Whatever began then reaches a culmination now. We are in the middle of a very powerful lunation, rife with focus and possibilities of purification and order. Time to break with un-useful habits, re-focus on our health, pick up those commitments with our dreams that we have tried to forget, re-tune with the intelligence of the body.

The Trine aspect is known to be the most harmonious. This is true in astrology as well as in music. This full Moon in Virgo holds 3 beautiful trines:

1. Pluto trine Mars

2. Uranus trine Moon

3. Jupiter to N.Node

There is the explosive one (1), the deep personal revolution (2), and the opening to destiny (3). It's the whole package! It's not going to be all flowers and honey. Tuning out the noise (that will inevitably arise with a vengeance), and tuning in to the energies that this FM makes available, can literally change our life in a deep, concrete, and lasting way.

Then our song can arise, and with it the pleasure of positive, flowing living.



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