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Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in the Axis Scorpio / Taurus, 8th November 2022, 12.02 CET, Malta

This is a VIP (Very Important Passage, thanks Kalen for this term), and thus requires special treatment. I am going to divide it in two parts, first dealing with the collective perspective, and then the individual in the second part.

Collective Level

Visibility: This Lunar Eclipse will be most visible in the Eastern part of Russia including Japan and New Zealand on the one hand, and the US owned Alaska, a big chunk of Canada and eastern USA (including the Queen Elizabeth Islands and Greenland) on the other.

This puts the activity of the Eclipse squarely and precisely in between Russia and the North American Continent, at the meeting point between the two great political powers of our times, and possibly at the axis between a political / economic template that is fading and one that is rising.

The fact that the eclipse peaks at midday from the perspective of central Europe also means that it's happening behind it. So the European continent is allowed to hold on to the illusion of its centrality and importance, probably for one last time, as the Sun shines on it strongest exactly as the Earth eclipses the Moon. We can expect thorny developments in the political and economic climate, especially with regards the strategy of manipulation that has become the trademark of the EU. The lawsuits are here, and more are coming. Hidden truths are surfacing. A time of reckoning.

Of course let's not forget the elections in the US, which by the way, are happening exactly on the day of this Lunar Eclipse. This is of course no coincidence, and certainly a synchronicity of significant proportions. The influence of the Ukraine situation on these elections will probably be one of the catalysts for important revelations.

This Lunar Eclipse is part of a long series of eclipses in the axis Taurus / Scorpio. The hidden financial motives behind political actions that lead to chaos, destruction, massive suffering and waste of beautiful lives are being uncovered. The acceptance of the truth is the catalyst for a new Earth to arise. The old is fading and a new political and economic force with the ability to, at the very least, level the playground is forming. Unexpected and even shocking developments are on the menu, disrupting not only our security and complacency, but also the false sense of inevitability of the NWO agenda. We must welcome both as two sides of the same coin. A more authentic form of stability will arise in time.

Of course the most conspicuous pattern on this chart is the Fixed T-Square that Saturn is forming with the Eclipse and which includes Mercury, Venus, Uranus and the lunar nodes in varying orbs. There is a subtle interaction between Venus and Mars as the goddess visits his kingdom in Scorpio. This puts further emphasis on the exploration and acknowledgement of our Shadow, as Scorpio brings out the unconscious, feminine and receptive energy of Mars. So there can be little doubt that this will be an emotionally intense time, particularly if you have personal planets or points between 12 and 20 degrees of any fixed sign (check your birth chart).

Personal Level

Mercury, conjunct Sun and Venus, is acting as the Scout Planet. This indicates that expressing ourselves in clear and sincere communication as well as beautiful forms is the positive alternative to the otherwise dangerous surprise attacks of the shadow. This is a time in which relationships can either be consolidated or broken. In Scorpio we see our own pain in others. If this is experienced unconsciously it results in projections and unfair expectations. If experienced consciously it leads to empathy and a remembering of our fundamental unity. This is the axis where the personal and the collective intersect, and forms the only consistent basis for the arising of a new Earth.

The fixed modality is about finding a sure and sustainable footing. This is not the fake 'sustainability' of manipulative environ-mentalism; it is about synchronising to one's true inner rhythms, uncovering the blocks that keep them from ticking or the anxieties that push them into overdrive. This is an uncomfortable undertaking best carried out in relation to trusted others. It requires persistence and unbending intent, and the ability to stop, consider, re-generate.

The challenge of the fixed T-Square, however, is to find a way out of the impasse; in other words to squarely face the limitations we impose on ourselves and let them go. This requires courage, also because these limitations are usually the result of those parts of our personal story that we are most attached to, and therefore least willing to drop.

The courage of Mars tempered by the gentle goddess, the warmth of the Sun melting the icy Scorpio, the careful hand of Taurus sculpting the Moon's expression, the 'missing' leg of the T-Square pointing to its resolution in Leo. These energies give us the courage and the strength necessary to break through the illusion of the self, regain our sovereignty (collectively and individually), and refind the freedom to shine and play. Of course this can take time and effort, but every step counts.

Much has been taken, much to be recovered.


On the collective plane we can see how the indulgence in material pleasures has become a deployable tool in the hands of a system that thrives on keeping the truth hidden. It's a system built on half-truths, lies, and on institutionalized methods of mass alienation designed specifically to induce a form of generalized hypnosis. Here we see the negative side of Venus / Taurus at play, satisfying Scorpio's need for intensity through the continuous stimulation of the physical senses, animal drives and 'entertaining' mental tensions. But the truth does not accept to be hidden, and before long the oil rises to the water's surface.

Even the fate of the collective is, in the end, determined by our individual choices. In choosing the path of the free circulation of energy, in which we bravely face our shadow-selves, thus releasing our life-force and cleansing our link to the spirit, we are already going a long way in breaking the patterns on which the sick system maintains itself. A society might “reform” itself many times by rearranging the way its cells are grouped. But it can only transform itself through an inner regeneration of those cells. Then reform comes as a natural, painless consequence. The clearer we get within ourselves, the clearer the path forward will be.


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