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Journey to Theopolis

A few days after the NM in Sagittarius, I decided to have a road trip and a hike in a special place, located between saint Geniez and Authon (French Alps). The history of the place is amazing. It is said that an antique city called “Theopolis” was built there. On the road of time (la route du temps) there is a unique monumental inscription called “the written stone”, probably engraved on the bedrock during the second quarter of the 5th century. It recounts that Dardanus, a famous figure of the Roman empire, built a viable road to reach its estate by cutting the sides of the

mountain. A rampart wall with gates has also been built to protect Theopolis. The name of the estate is a Hellenized form of the name saint Augustine’s book (de Ciuitate Dei). The city of God begun in 413. This name evokes Dardanus conversion to christianism.

(The Written Stone, never damaged from the 5th century)

After a 3kms hike in the neighbourhood, I drove to saint Geniez in order to visit a Chapel built in the 11th century, called Notre Dame de Dromon (Our Lady of Dromon). As soon as I arrived in the village and ,parked my car on the small plaza, I saw:

Next stop...Our Lady of Dromon.

A panel indicates the chapel located 2.5 kms from my departure point. The walk is very nice, not so cold for the month of November. The landscapes are amazing. Dogs are barking, horses are breathing, cows are resting. I reached my target at 12.30, time for the ordinary world to have lunch. 3 cats left the place. I was alone near the chapel, which is closed. We can only visit the crypt by booking in advance.

(Notre-Dame du Dromon built in the 11th century by the Templars)

No words to describe the atmosphere, as I had the sensation to have travelled throughout time. The place is amazing, surrounded by mountains. I had my lunch on a bench, with an exceptional panorama. But the journey to Theopolis was also a shamanic exercise, the move of the assemblage point, leading to perception. I noted the 2 or 3 signs on the road and opened at random the book Journey to Ixtlan. I landed on the chapter of “breaking the routines”, considering that it was a sweet message from the Nagual. Ten minutes later, I went back to the parking to go further up in my quest of seeing. Remembering the history of the knights, one can easily understand that these men of knowledge were used to build their edifices on a vortex.

Many historians of the region talk about a huge vortex created by the Templars in the south east of France, more or less representing the region of Provence. Loyal to my shamanic teachings, I had in mind that a sign has to be interpreted in a global way, and then, in a personal way. So, a few more kms to discover Authon. On the road I made a see and feel the vortex. As the earth is a living organism, the opportunity to connect myself with the emanations of the earth.

The navel of the Earth!

This wonderful landscape was in front of my eyes. Was I in a movie, in the centre of the earth, an eagle flying in the air?? ...a move of the assemblage point made me see a bird in the shape of the cloud. This vortex is obviously a gate throughout several dimensions. History also reminded me that there are no remains of Theopolis, only the stone. How this city could have collapsed and not even a piece of human craft has been found. Many theories about this secret city have been discussed from ages.

Is Theopolis a passage towards another dimension, in that sense I mean another way

to have an access to the Silent knowledge?

Is Theopolis a chakra of the earth?

Is Theopolis a deep connection with our divine nature?

So many questions, and so many answers.

I promised myself to come back. Probably next spring, as I would like to push up

hiking to discover one or two peaks near Authon. This will be another story.

Castaneda tells us that:

“The old seers saw that the earth has a cocoon. They saw that the earth was wrapped in a ball, a luminous cocoon that imprisoned the emanations of the Eagle. The earth is a gigantic sentient being, subject to the same forces as us.”

The Fire from within - Carlos Castaneda


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