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Jupiter, the Scout planet to the New Moon / Eclipse of 20th April 2023

This is an article focusing on one aspect of this new Moon / Eclipse. Please find main article here.

Jupiter is the most direct of planets, right after the Sun. It doesn't seek to deal with “appearances” but expresses itself directly and clearly. The opposite of this is the Moon, having no light of its own, changing appearance every night according to its relative position to the Sun. The Earth's satellite rules the world of change and appearance, and during a Solar Eclipse we are faced with the raw receptacle. The container/reflector of light becomes the impediment for light to pass through. A Solar Eclipse allows us to experience the great deep longing for the Source directly and intensely.

A Healthy Ego

Jupiter is especially competent when it comes to mitigating the egoic tendencies of Aries. This is because while Aries is concerned exclusively with individual survival and progress, Jupiter rules the skill of relating to the environment as well as to others and one's self. Jupiter acknowledges the duality, and therefore the need to relate. In the transformation that this double new Moon makes possible we are going to leave behind the egoic side of Aries as the NM re-forms around the N.Node in Taurus.

The conjunction Sun/Jupiter brings into focus the acknowledgement of the needs we experience as individuals, particularly with regards to our place within the environment and society. When we integrate experience into everyday life in a healthy way (maturity) the accumulation of knowledge does not crystallise into pride and isolation, but acts fluidly as a bridge to relationship. Jupiter rules the healthy development of ego, here understood as that which we refer to when we say “I”. Jungian astrologer Betty Lundsted makes the good point that what we could sometimes judge as a “big ego” could very well be the opposite, an underdeveloped ego which is screaming for attention through the show of self-importance or self-pity. Ego and self-importance are not synonyms, and a healthy ego is not 'egoic': in other words it does not only see itself, but is able to relate in a more or less balanced way to a reality it perceives as separate from itself. The healthy ego is the one which is more or less able to allow its own dissolution, for an underdeveloped ego will never let go. As UG Krishnamurti puts it, the servant who is not ready to move on will burn the house down if it feels threatened. Only a healthy ego can understand the need to get out of the way and let the essence enlighten the path ahead. The ego that doesn't feel continuously threatened can relate to others on a personal level, share what it 'owns'. These are necessary, as well as transitory, skills in the experience of being in the world... an experience that, when lived consciously, leads beyond itself, beyond ego, the body, and duality itself.


The move of the NM+Eclipse from Aries to Taurus, as Kalen points out, is a window for a transformation, one that involves the sword that cuts through illusions. One such illusion is that “I am a spiritual person,” implying that “I am beyond common needs like survival or security.” This image of the self is exactly that; an image, an egoic mind-made phantom. This inevitably creates a further split; on one side I am spiritual, on the other side I am scared to death. The way Jupiter might be acting to mitigate the egoic traps of the Sun as it moves from Aries to Taurus, is to help us acknowledge that we do actually feel the need for security, material and emotional; and also that we are afraid of losing what we are accustomed to. There can be no real spiritual experience before we lose our pretence and meet reality without resistance, artifact, or preconception. Only in the shock of reality can the silence that takes us beyond ego-consciousness arise.

So, dear reader, the next time you feel very spiritual, smile and say “spiritual my ass!” An appreciation of the comforts of life and civilization is not usually something that 'spiritual' people do. But perhaps this is what the Scout Jupiter is telling us; “You can jump higher and further from a sturdy springboard.” In the language of Castaneda we could say that in bringing the tonal into perspective and order we are preparing ourselves for the entry into the nagual.

In this lucky closeness of Jupiter and Sun Aries then becomes pure energy, expressed in the pleasure and beauty of Taurus. From the cardinal modality to the fixed there is a window of opportunity for a deep and lasting change, which is the definition of 'Transformation'.

Jupiter - Moon

The tie of Jupiter to the Moon as she momentarily comes in between the sun and the earth is a singular opportunity for us to feel the unconscious sense of isolation that leads to attachment. This indicates the natural reluctance to let go of our ties to the physical realm, and also the relationships that manifest those ties. The Earth's mission as the Great Mother is to birth its children and nourish them until it's time for them to move on. The conjunction of Moon and Jupiter brings to our awareness our reluctance to leave the safety of the archetypal womb, and therefore reveals the impediment to actively and consciously complete our own birth. Alignment to the Earth energies involves alignment to the Earth's mission as an evolving being, which is not of keeping us imprisoned in this density, but to provide the security, strength and consciousness necessary for us to take the leap.


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