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Mandala of the Five Buddhas, the Symbol of Wisdom.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

During the night 6th-7th April, I had a dream in which appeared a colored Buddha and I found it interesting to share his characteristics.

The Five Buddhas are said to be aspects of Shakyamuni Buddha arrayed in a mandala as a square of circles oriented to the cardinal directions.

1/ Vairocana, the white light Buddha the Radiant.

2/ Akshobhya, the blue Buddha, the Unshakable.

3/ Ratnasambhava, the yellow Buddha, Jewel Born.

4/Amitabha, the red Buddha, Boundless Light.

5/ Amoghasiddhi, the green Buddha, Unobstructed Success..

The five Buddhas are mentioned in most of the Tantric systems and represent various physical and mental aspects. Here are given only some of the most common explanations and representations of these so-called 'Heads of the five Buddha-families'.

More info on the website:

The most interesting in that symbols is that we have a link with the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and the 5 directions. Both are part of a shamanic approach of the human being.

In the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, there are “Five poisons” that are of ultimate

danger to the soul’s spiritual progress. These are counteracted by the wisdom of the

Five Dhyani Buddhas, who provide the antidote for each poison:

* Ignorance, delusion, antidote by Vairochana’s all-pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya.

* Anger, hatred , antidote by Akshobhya’s Mirror like Wisdom.

* Spiritual, intellectual and human pride, antidote by Ratnasambhava’s Wisdom of Equality.

* The passions–all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust–antidote by Amitabha’s Discriminating Wisdom.

*Envy and jealousy, antidote by Amoghasiddhi’s all-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action

Listening to the 5 Buddhas wisdom will probably be a new step to self-observation.

Have a bright day!


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