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From Wednesday 11th November 2020, Mercury is entering the very mysterious sign of Scorpio. The god of communication entering the field of Mars and Pluto, very interesting stuff.

Mercury in his trip through the Scorpio territories announces a new awakening of the senses. We can receive messages from the body sensations, intuition will be in the program of the excursion in Scorpio land.

It is time to find what’s good for your body in order to boost your state of receptivity. The magnetic sign of Scorpio also involves a big deal of perceptions and sensitivity, just like his symbol. For 3 weeks, you can find, discover or improve yourself through energetic activities such as:

* meditation, walking, hiking, cycling, dancing, yoga, qi qong, breathing, music, shiatsu (image below),massages, acupuncture, running, swimming, painting, sculpting, writing ….. any activity that will strengthen the relationship with your body and your senses.

It’s a very nice opening to the ball of the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th November (sun + moon in Scorpio).

Qi Qong

It is time to put the mental aside and to let the body express what it needs. In the shamanic path Don Genaro should have said: “ find your presence area”, meaning finding an area on your body that needs more attention or that you feel blocked. Being present on this special part will teach

you a lesson, or reveal an emotion or a remembrance stuck somewhere in your unconscious.

Mercury in Scorpio helps to liberate the body from mental tensions.


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