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New Moon in Aquarius, 11th February 2021

20.05 CET, Malta


This New Moon in Aquarius is a time of reckoning for changes that have been lingering. You know you have to make them; something to accept, a lifestyle to reject, a hope or a hopelessness to let go of, a dream to dare to put into action.

There is much happening in Aquarius. It might be a confusing time for Aquarians as there are so many agendas on their menu, planets pulling and pushing every way. So at this time, for all of us, but perhaps especially for Aquarians, the practice of moderation in how much we demand of ourselves, and how much we try to achieve, and how fast, might come in handy.

This New Moon is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and the Ox takes the stand. From the deep, tricky Rat, with fears and deep collective spiritual and psychological sicknesses manifesting as physical reality and social drama, we move into a new intent; the reliable, strong, hardworking Ox. It is also one of the most exploited animals, precisely because of these characteristics. So this is a time to look out for the burdens that we carry unconsciously from the past, and accept that they are only the current form that our situation has taken, and that change is not only possible, but necessary, as it is the only constant. Our job can be put in one word: Alignment.

Jupiter, visionary and expansive, full of possibilities, and also the source of the rhythm of the Chinese 12-year cycle, in perfect conjunction with the godess of love, beauty and creativity is certainly an explosive combo. The deep intuition allowed by Mercury in retrograde motion aids us in finding a more grounded direction to this gentle explosion of confidence and beauty. Being in tune with our inner beauty and potential for greatness has nothing to do with self-importance. In fact, self-importance and self-pity only corrupt this inner wealth, making us miss the point of who we truly are. Mercury's trine aspect with the North Lunar Node re-enforces this appointment with destiny, which is the arising of one's truth, as it flows in constant change, every moment. Combined with the square aspect of Neptune with the North Node, for those of us who are more shamanically inclined, there is a pointing towards a focus on the dreaming body. Time to square up with our hidden totality.

The difficulties are, of course, there as well. And while time is never on our side, we have to learn how to make the best of it with a present patience. Time too is energy, and therefore a matter of impeccability. The square aspects between Neptune and North Node, between Uranus and Saturn, and the one between Mars and Mercury indicate the flavour of these difficulties. But they also point us to the gigantic potential hidden in these connections. The dream that coincides with our destiny must be nurtured and given its time to grow, drop by drop. The life-situation we are in seems impossible to go beyond inspite of the fierce urge we feel inside to change ourselves and the world in an instant. We know what we want, clearly, and we know that it can be achieved. But clarity can be blinding unless it is balanced with humility and gratitude.

So, focus on the large brush-strokes for now, until the work of art that you are making of your life happily wields the details in its own time, to your joyful astonishment. plan every step whilst remaining sufficiently flexible to improvise in an instant...”

(Carlos Castaneda's quoted in “The Secret of the Plumed Serpent” by Armando Torres.)

Being able, by simply intending it, to tap into the joyous space within, makes us available to the more positive and enabling characteristics of this New Moon and beginning of the Chinese New Year. So, once again, happy new year, and may the wisdom and fire of the East be with you.


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