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New Moon in Cancer, 17th July 2023, 20.31

A Harmony of Opposites

One of the challenging aspects of this new Moon is its opposition to Pluto (retro). This will give us

the impression that we must choose between profound transformation and our need to nurture our sense of safety and those we love. But this is not necessarily so. In fact an opposition is a very strong aspect that needs to be faced. We need to sit with it and learn to hear what one side is contributing to its opposite. In this way we begin moving towards finding the inner centre where the opposition comes to a harmonious interaction, or complimentarity.

If you look at the blue lines on the chart you will find that there is a pattern of harmonious aspects. The strongest amongst them is the trine of the new Moon to Neptune, who also forms a sextile to Pluto. We are therefore provided with much inspiration to acknowledge and respect our deep emotional needs. What's more is that by doing so we activate a process of deep transformation. So, the injunction “follow your instincts!” is quite apt for this new Moon.

Look again at the blue lines. You will see a mirror to this trine and the sextile, this time with

Uranus. It's a bit weaker, but it's there. Uranus forms a trine to Pluto, and a sextile to the new

Moon. With Uranus in Taurus we can expect the unexpected, find an artistic surprise, or a

materialisation of a new beginning; a new sort of security arising on the debris of an old one. We could say that in these patterns gentleness, courage and change intersect. Very interesting, also

because the possibilities of how this could play out seem virtually unlimited.

The Space of Uncertainty

So in the midst of our exploration of security, emotional and otherwise, we come upon the space of uncertainty. This is something that happens in every process of growth or development, and in

every case, what results from it mostly depends on our attitude towards uncertainty. The state of

not knowing can bring about a huge fear that grows and grows until it paralyses you, because it is a fear that has no existing reference. It grows in response to a figment of the mind not an actual reality.

But uncertainty can also bring about the opening up of a creative space; one in which you can re-

invent yourself. The uncertainty can loosen up the grip our hang-ups have on us, thus enabling us to find that which has been long hidden underneath our fear.

The trend in this chart is for the personal planets to be forming challenging aspects. This includes Saturn, which in astrology is sort of the bridge between the personal and the transpersonal realm. What this seems to indicate is that the more harmonious interactions will take place on a more unconscious / superconscious level (new Moon interacting with the transpersonal planets), while the more difficult aspects will play out in our daily life. We do well to hold on to an inner sense of trust in the spirit, also because Juno keeps acting as scout planet. We are guided and protected like a developing child.

This sense of trust will be a good asset. Venus is in a mess of aspects, and honestly I don't have a clear view of how her position can be interpreted. This again plays into the unexpected, and our best bet is to face whatever's in the pipeline with an inner column of trust. This will also probably prove useful with regard to another strong and challenging aspect: Jupiter square Mercury. This puts focus on tricks of communication, and might exaggerate the tendency of words to interfere with relating. So, attention on listening, and attention on how we use words. Let's try to find the nurturing side of communication.

To conclude, this new Moon suggests that we embrace the humility of the child, to trust our destiny without thinking about it too much. The developing child is in a state of letting go, and at the same time is avidly looking for the skills that will allow him to form his world. This is a seemingly paradoxical attitude, but perfectly consistent with being human.


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