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New Moon 20th July 2020

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

(time in Malta, EU - 19:32 or 17:32 UTC)

The Courage to Believe

“...the only available way to change is to accept ourselves just as we are, and work from there.”

Carlos Castaneda, Armando Torres - Encounters with the Nagual

A New Moon is by nature a bit paradoxical. Within it there is always a potential tension between the drive for sparking the new (which implies an out-going force) on the one hand, and the nurturing, laid-back sweetness of the feminine mood at its most intense, on the other. This particular New Moon is no exception, and in this case the potential for tension is compounded by various other characteristics in the chart.


A sense of being trapped is inevitable, and while this feeling probably has truth to it (a free being positively knows his freedom), the biggest risk is to react with any version of aggressive resistance; for example anger, remorse, rash and over-zealous actions etc. So, to immediately lay the cards on the table; it is a time to practice acceptance, to be gentle and patient with oneself, avoid the temptation to overanalyse the situation/s at hand, and allow oneself to sink into one's inner space. It is a special time for our rational mind to take the back seat and let our silent side have its day.

As the famous Bruce Lee saying goes: Be water.

What is happening to me?

The mind, in fact, is very likely to be in full negative mode during this passage. It is likely that we will feel things that we cannot understand and that might make it difficult for us to function in the everyday world. Things might also not be running very smoothly in the outside world too, which could put further pressure on our patience. Pluto is conjunct with both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. And these three big boys are in retrograde motion. This 'grouping' of 3 retrograde planets with very different and usually conflicting energies, especially with the most conservative of them feeling the 'invasion' of its kingdom (Saturn rules Capricorn), cannot contribute to this new Moon being silky smooth. Moreover this war of energies is taking place in the 1st house, which is the house that Aries 'decorated', no doubt with swords and paintings of warring. So explosions are on the menu.

Moreover these explosions are likely to be felt on a personal level, as the clustering of planets in the Northern Hemisphere (bottom half of the chart) suggests. These explosions might target egoic, conditioned ambitions that you might have carried for a long time. This is part of the process that makes space for new goals that are more in harmony with your deeper truth.

The tension is further pushed by the opposition between Saturn and the New Moon. The struggle between the new Moon's burning desire to move into the new as fast as possible, and Saturn's resistance to the process of death and rebirth that is necessary for the new to arise, will be in full force. Luckily, planets in opposition also see each other clearly and from a safe distance. This is to our advantage, and invites us to observe rather than identify with the tension.

The Way Forward

To recapitulate; it is quite probable that we are going to experience an inner storm. And we have little choice but to wait it out, observe, and do what we can to lay the inner ground-work. We shall find this ground-work very useful during smoother lunations in the near future.

So, better to nurture:

1) a state of openness for the new that wants to arise, without demanding that you know what it is or how it is going to happen; in other words, find within you the courage to believe.

2) the acceptance of the uncomfortable inner pressure that any new arising must bring with it,

3) the wisdom and patience to know your right timing. It is as unuseful to try and force change or understanding as it is to resist them. In a state of presence they will naturally accelerate, and you will know when and how to act. This will ensure that you nurture determination rather than frustration, and therefore act more effectively in the face of adversity.

War is always a risk, and always demands our full attention. Sometimes, in this war, our most effective weapons are gentleness and fluidity, as well as determination. With the master number 22 featuring clearly, we can be confident that if we are open for the massive inspiration that this new Moon holds, and deal with it fluidly, methodically and with a sense of timing, we are availing ourselves with the golden opportunity to break through personal and karmic limitations that have kept us from materializing our boldest visions.


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