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New Moon in Capricorn, 11th January 2024, 12.57 CET


We have started 2024 with an 'out of bounds' Mars in conjunction to Varda and the Galactic Centre. This is a strong expression of everything Martian, also implying that intent is available with an unusual directness. 

On the other hand the astrology for this year clearly points to trickery, distraction and volatility, mostly with regard to what we may describe as the 'establishment'.  A bunch of big planets are moving into Air signs, accompanied in this move by Sedna's final ingress into Gemini. This strongly suggests a more or less abrupt change in density (from Earth to Air). We have no choice in the matter of whether this change takes place or not. Our responsibility as humans is however huge, because we get to channel the form this unstoppable energy manifests in.

This shift in density could be manifested as a numbing estrangement from reality, in which humans succumb to the temptations of digital religiosity. It could also manifest in the opposite direction, as humanity transcending the boundaries of its perceptual prison.  A new emphasis on the higher dimension of truth as a state of being rather than a mere linguistic representation of facts is now in order. To see and distinguish between truth and falsity through a complete trust in the inner promptings of the heart is now not a luxury reserved for the few. 

Light energy is raining down on us from inconceivable distances, fuelling an ascension of consciousness. Attempts are underway to diminish or block this energy from arriving at destination, some of which are partly successful. To invite and receive light consciously makes up for the loss, as it were. It is important to handle energy consciously, drop into the heart-centre, learn to stay there, and act confidently without second-guessing oneself. The concentration of planets in the upper (South) hemisphere of the chart indicates a strong Earth element for this new Moon, and therefore plenty of grounding opportunity.

Sedna and Pluto Trine

Truth as a state of being implies a metamorphosis, a radical and permanent change. The trine of Sedna and Pluto clearly indicates deep change with very far-reaching consequence.  During this new Moon we have the opportunity to feel the immensity of the times we are living through, putting into special relief the larger context within which Pluto's ingress into Aquarius can be understood.

The first act of Pluto's move happens on the 21st of January; a sort of appetizer. The lord of hell will then turn retrograde and back-track into Capricorn, only to return to direct motion and make a second and final ingress in Aquarius in November, following an eclipse season.  This means that Pluto will be playing around the last degree of Capricorn and the first degree of Aquarius, roughly speaking, all year long, suggesting 2024 as a year of great ends and great beginnings, difficult transitions, mournings, as well as the joys of rebirth. Sedna, like Pluto, has been playing between two signs and is making her final move from Earth to Air when she enters Gemini in April 2024, providing the wider context in which the saga of human destiny will unfold.


Dwarf planet Eris turns direct on the day of this new Moon – joining a cascade of other more 'regular' planets making the same move in the month of January. The synchronicity gives it great importance in this chart. The themes of this warrior sister of Mars have already been very present because of her long-term conjunction to the North Node. They gain a massive weight when one considers that Pluto spent months in a T-Square to the nodes, an aspect pattern that is now being repeated – and echoed – by this present new Moon. Eris comes to disrupt, to sow discord where vanity and lust have taken over the mind, bring justice where corruption and lying has become interweaved in the order of things. The destiny of Man, yours and mine, is to grow up to the truth about what it means to be human.

The Erisian themes are re-enforced by the trine that the new Moon forms with Uranus. We walk (or run) into the future with a commitment to truth and a vision that transcends established practices, beliefs and ideas. For this new Moon, Mercury takes over and echoes Mars' start-of-the-year conjunction to Varda and the Galactic Centre. There is, again, a clarity and directness, a link to the universal creative intelligence that brings revelations and guidance. Mercury reveals his deeper side as instant intuition. The god of communication is also forming a trine to Eris. As we sift through media madness using the inner fire, we move from doubt to truth, standing firm in our refusal to obey rules we never agreed to.

In the meantime Mars has come to conjunction with dwarf planet Ixion, opening wide the access to our wild side, the way of simplicity, and perhaps even innocence. There is liberation in dropping the imperative to change ourselves, and instead be ourselves (

Saturn conj. Gonggong in Pisces

Gonggong is a Chinese water god, a dragon. He is held responsible for many water-related disasters, like floods. In his more positive vibration he becomes the master irrigator. This description takes a new dimension of meaning if we consider that the Chinese new year, starting on the 10th February kicks off the year of the Dragon in the element of Wood. The conjunction with Saturn, god of agriculture, natural cycles and discipline, is itself very fertile.

In its more negative shade this conjunction tells us that we are probably about to experience an overwhelming flood of restriction and limitation. Pluto, in Capricorn's aneretic degree, shakes the foundations of the system, and the system contracts, making things quite difficult.

But the dragon in Chinese lore is considered a balancing factor, a bridge into the spiritual dimension, and also has a meaningful connection to the lunar nodes ( This tells us that if we take the trouble to learn the lessons that Saturn is putting before us, we become able to handle energies that would otherwise be used for destruction. Water then flows to where it is needed, and a new Earth grows from the ashes of the old.


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