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New Moon in Gemini, 18th June 2023, 6.37 CET.

Asteroid Juno

She is placed very strongly in this chart. The month of June is her month, she is conjunct the new Moon, and is acting as scout planet.

Juno is linked to the protection of children and of fairness, shunning vices like inequality and betrayal because they destroy the possibility of relating to one another in fluid and consistent ways.

Her conjunction to the new Moon in Gemini places her characteristics to bear upon the area of communication, revelation of truth, and the education of children. She is the goddess of commitment and marriage, and the fact that this new Moon happens point blank on Fathers' Day in the part of Europe I am writing from is therefore more than a detail.


As this new Moon naturally points to the coming full Moon in Cancer, the unmistakeable link to the reality of the family becomes even more obvious. The family, as normally understood, is the basic educational unit in most known societies, and even appears somewhat as a constant in the animal kingdom.It has many functions, and one of the most prominent and important ones is to act as a sort of extension of the womb, as it protects and nurtures the young until it is their time to cut that more subtle umbilical chord that is dependence. In contemporary societies, based upon in which society one's life unfolds, this growing-into independence can and should take many forms. Not least because of the accelerated rate of shifts in every level of existence, as well as the fact that our civilization is facing the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, thus creating new modes of dependence, growth, independence, and interdependence.

The Human Family, guardian of Life

So we have the Mother-educator and the Mother-protector, both Juno vibrations. And then we have, also very prominently, the Father archetype, clearly laid out in the sextile of Jupiter and Saturn. This aspect emits an ease, a sort of balance between empowerment and discipline, relationship and introspection, expansion and groundedness.

However one cannot gloss over the heaviness of a Saturn retrograde in Pisces. This is a very karmic situation for Saturn. Structures and systems built on the idea of providing permanent security and protection of self-interest are now under serious pressure to face dissolution. There is no way that this is going to be an easy passage, and attachment to established egoic modes of being are bound to bring out the worst of Saturnian vibrations; things like the forming of a prison-planet, and tyrannical over-reach of medical institutions.

Jupiter in Taurus provides the vision that enables us to use the lessons we learn – as we observe and go through these deep and scary structural changes – to build new solid structures that enable social well-being, relationship, communion, and individual freedom. Is it not the true essence of love that the health of the collective and that of the individual coincide? This is the society of the future. Freedom and health demand each other.

Rebellion: A way of life

At present there is a strong and brutal tyrannical current in the air. This is the dark side of the Father archetype, fuelled by the revengeful female. During this new Moon we find a promising conjunction between 3 very warriorish characters; Mars, Lilith, and Pallas. This 'stellium' puts us on the right side of luck, for it brings the direct energy of Mars, the unstoppable power of total rebellion, and the ability to balance the fight with a sense of understanding and diplomacy, into one seriously potent serum. Happening in house 11 (the house of structural revolution) and in the sign of the kingly and courageous Leo, this conjunction is a true instigator for a new level of involvement in the battle for life, against post-human agendas.

This stellium is part of a loose T-Square. Headed by Jupiter, this T-Square involves the opposition of the stellium to Pluto, who will remain in retrograde motion until this October. In January 2024 Pluto will re-enter Aquarius, and we can understand the passage from now to then in terms of a preparation to when things get really serious. This T-Square is loose, but it still pre-figures a big challenge of unity and prosperity as humanity moves towards building a new world that is less prone to create tyrants and powerful psychopaths.

Stay Alert

Mercury and Venus are forming a sextile. We move with intuition and feeling, paying

attention to ideas that seem to come into the mind from nothing and to creative impulses (like a song that you keep singing to yourself without knowing why). Know that we are being guided.

A last word of warning regarding the connection of Jupiter (in Taurus) and Venus (in Leo). Keep an eye on self-importance and vanity. Saturn's lessons in Pisces must be received, and they demand that we lose our attachment to ourselves.

Life can be enjoyed, and so can the good things of the material world. But this does not involve getting stuck in their allure.


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