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New Moon in Leo 16th August 2023, 11.38 CET

Setting the tone for this two-week passage is the conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Venus to the new Moon, itself a conjunction of Sun and Moon. The Lion-king too has a hidden feminine part, which needs to be actively acknowledged, away from the blinding light of his directness and kingly confidence. The light, warmth and generosity which make this sign so magnetic can also become the source of occlusion. The light can be so strong it blinds us to the subtleties that reside in the forgotten corners of our psyche, conditioning, and personal history. To the extent that this blindness is active, we act more like tyrants rather than legitimate kings of our own castle.

The conjunction with Lilith can bring about a sense of deep loss... like a safety, a certainty, a situation that is now gone forever. The king is thus reminded that his light, which will eventually fade and die, only has value because it is enjoyed by those planets that orbit around him. This sensitive version of Leo does not deny the beauty or value of our uniqueness, but compliments it with an appreciation of the uniqueness that belongs to others. In other words it is a call to drop the mind-made opposition between knowing our uniqueness and being of service to others. Time to remember that it is only by shining that we can be a light in the world.

This new Moon can be seen as a valley between two peaks, represented by the two super-moons that open and close the month of August. The next full Moon will take place in Virgo, which highlights the importance of another interaction in the chart; the conjunction of Mercury and Mars. And here we must look a bit deeper, finding out that this conjunction is part of a grand trine involving Uranus and Pluto. Here a process of transformation involving huge revolutionary potential is initiated. There is very little risk of overstating the movement this pattern sets in motion. New ideas and practices relating to agriculture, the environment, politics and money are set in motion, as well as the opening for a revitalized relationship to Gaia. Pluto is also involved in a T-Square to the lunar nodes which we find in the axis Aries / Libra. So we can clearly see that the challenge of this deep transformation is consistent with both the conjunction in Leo and the one in Virgo. As the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo we will develop a more precise vision, the ability to make the difference between acknowledging our uniqueness on the one hand, and indulging our egotistic tendencies on the other. Experiencing this difference is very liberating.

Mercury will be turning retrograde soon. Along with Mars it opposes Neptune. We are therefore faced with a passage in which we leave part of our ego behind in order to serve the community. It looks like a time of preparation, acting with precision and purity of intent, in order to build the necessary infrastructure for swift and implacable action. This is suggested by the interactions with Uranus and Jupiter, which promise us great earthquakes of every kind on our way to plenitude and abundance.

To avoid too much analysis we can conclude this astrological interpretation by focusing on the fact that Leo's energy is that of the heart. Perhaps the heart's significance can be described somewhat satisfactorily in three words: courage, love, and coherence.

Coherent emotions are those that are in harmony with the actual, and are therefore manifesting a healthy and balanced interaction of the three centers; physical, emotional and mental.

The courage to know the darkness that exists in the world, the violence, abuse and injustice, is necessary for that harmony to come about. Because the spiritual way is not a way of escapism. The progress of the spiritual warrior depends on being able to retain inner harmony in the face of that evil, without succumbing to the allure of concern, fear, and revenge. This is how the Lilithian archetype turns from a terrifying lack into pure power.

Love is the most human of all vibrations. It is also the most divine. It reveals the sacredness of existence itself.

So discover your importance to the history of infinity by dropping out of the school of self-importance. Your true importance is tied to your uniqueness, the fact that you will never be repeated, and that your potential dies with you. What you don't give of yourself will be lost forever. What you do give will never die.


I found Pam Gregory's explanation helpful and inspiring, and used some of the ideas she shared. Find the video here:

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