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New Moon in Pisces, 13th March 2021, 11.21 CET, Malta.


On we have now adopted a new way of placing the houses in the astrological chart. Following Kalen's research (link), we are now placing the houses in a clockwise direction. This is very much in line with the energy of this New Moon, which in its own way is giving its blessing to this revolution in astrology.

In fact, while in the old system this New Moon + conjunction Neptune/Venus would have happened within the 10th house, we can now place it in the 3rd house. This changes everything.

The 3rd house corresponds to Gemini, which is also the Ascendant of the NM. This puts a focus on communication, the acquisition of knowledge, and the intellect. This house is also placed on the point of transition between cycles. End of one, beginning of another seasonal/astrological cycle. This point of transition is right on the southernest area of the chart, the point of most light. This is the 'theme' of this NM: to move out of the darkness into the light.

The 'mood' of this lunation, however, is unmistakably Piscean; watery, dreamy, sensual, emotional. Deeply connected to the undifferentiated state of pure Being.

So the move of this NM is to revolutionize our communication and re-educate the intellect by listening closely to the soft voice of the inner guide. It is the end of darkness, an opportunity to soften the mind by aligning it with and rooting it in the deep sense of connectedness that the heart has with the Whole. Many revelations are possible, as well as the energy to act upon such new-found wisdom without hesitation. As spring approaches the Earth is bursting with desire for renewal, and anything is possible. So dream without shame, and put your imagination to concrete work without fear, haste, guilt, or pressure. This ensures that you access the positive side of the stellium Sun/Moon/Neptune/Venus.

Negatively speaking, this is also a time in which it is good to be extra aware of how other people's negativity affects us, and ours them. Careful of those whose perverted psyche automatically converts the Piscean moistness into predatory hunger. They can ruin your day, or worse, if you are not present enough.

For lovers it is a time to explore new levels of intimacy by becoming aware of the images that the mind has accumulated about each other, and which make true relation impossible. It is time for lovers to look closer into the inner beauty of their partners, and yes, why not open oneself to some soothing pillow-talk, create together, share a bottle of wine, revisit some old romantic songs?

Pluto, ruler of the mysterious and regenerative Scorpio, with its semi-sextile to Mercury, is about to offer a couple of good blows to old mental patterns and established ways of communication. The signs these planets are in are both deeply Saturnian, and complement each other in that Capricorn builds and protects, while Aquarius improves and revolutionizes those structures. The square Uranus/Saturn indicates that, as expected, this cannot come easy. But the truth is that the revolution starts with us, with the changes that we allow to happen within us, in communication and relation to others, and in the level of cleanliness of our link with the spirit.

Finally, the cosmic vagina is ready and willing, like an open flower for the butterflies. It is an opening to drink from the dangerous wine of ecstasy, to lose the mind in the formless void, and thus be reborn, cross-pollinate, and feel joy.


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