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Re-shaping Astrology…the planets' revolution

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Hi fellow warriors! Following a very interesting YouTube video made by a French astrologer (called Bérengère), I decided it was time for me to break the the basics of this old system called traditional astrology.

In her video (last February) the astrologer is showing that the movement of the houses could be wrong. In fact it is in tune with the move of the signs, which means counter-clockwise. If we think about it, it’s pure craziness. How come, changing a concept like this? But the lady demonstrates with a concrete example. When a baby is born, it carries the force of life, meaning going to the light, going to the south, the Zenith.

In the traditional astrology the houses are moving numerically towards the Nadir (the shadow) and that should be a mistake. I totally agree with Bérengère. After a chat with another astrologer and therapist (dona Chiara), we both acknowledge the idea of the houses going clockwise. It is consistent for a new-born baby to go to the zenith (light). But all the conditionings of the system, the Matrix, made us think the contrary. Sometimes, evolution comes from a sparkle of awareness.

So what does that change?

A lot of things, specially the distribution of the houses, the signs' and planets' location inside the houses. In this way astrology becomes more dynamic, not fixed or stuck in old patterns.

To recalculate the “right” houses positions, here’s the tip:

Take a look at your birth chart and see how the houses are turning. Definitely, you can see that they turn counter-clockwise.

Then, consider your ascendant as house 1 and change the numbers of the houses, going clockwise. So number one goes on number 12, number 2 goes on number 11, number 3 goes on number 10, and so on..

Please have a look at the following example for a better understanding. Always remember that house 1 contains the Ascendant.

From now on a new work of analysis is possible, especially since the planets are part of another scenario. In the example one can see the difference between having Uranus and Pluto in house 2 instead of house 11. The planets in house 4 can also indicate a lot of new mysteries regarding the family impact (or karma).

All change is good, as it shakes the tendencies of the mind to grip with solid unbreakable concepts (or routines).

To give a visual to this inner revolution, just have a look at the Tao, the force of light and the force of obscurity mingling in harmony and balance.


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