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New Moon in Pisces, 2nd March 2022, 18.45 CET Malta.

Soul-Life Continuity

We are now facing the last set of lunations of the astrological/seasonal year. This new Moon in Pisces is also particularly deep and invites us to remember and retrieve a deeper, forgotten continuity; the continuity of our soul-life. Many teachings have been imparted on this site and for the benefit of the peaceful warriors who make themselves available to the Spirit, I am going to 'remember' some of it, according to how I feel benefits our disposition during this very ecstatic and sobering new Moon.


Despite the serious challenges, the mood of this new Moon is that of a gentle and peaceful fluidity. The difficulty created by our resistances is to settle into this mood, to let go of the continuity of the known, to which we are fatally attached. The experience of aligning to a deeper continuity is thus frequently described in terms of dying and immersion; a process of death and rebirth.


Taking a quick look at the chart we see that all the bodies/points in the sky – with two noteable exceptions – are packed into the western hemisphere. The West is a symbol of the Water Element. This further emphasizes the themes of immersion, mystery and dreaming that are already central to a new Moon in Pisces (possibly the most spiritual of lunations in the calendar). These themes indicate an invitation to remember, to retrieve, bring back something that has been rejected, forgotten, disallowed; a potential, a gift, a dream... to allow the dissolving of ego and find our way back home into the depths of our being.

Lilith, along with the South Node, is cast in her favourite hated role; the outcast, the accursed exception, just outside of the crowd. The Black Moon is a very paradoxical influence. She is:

reduction and deletion, like a missing amount of well-being in the personality


the quest for the absolute and transcendence


liberating the energy of the shadow she represents

These apparent contradictions are simply part of Lilith's paradoxical nature, and therefore a key to the resolution of the brutal conflict in our lives and world. The following description of the Black Moon sums up this fertile paradox:

She is: the passage throughout the gates of the Dragon

The Dragon is a symbol of the Lunar Nodes, two points in a chart that are directly connected to the journey of the soul, the deep continuity of which we speak. The tail of the dragon corresponds to the South Node, while the head of the dragon corresponds to the North Node.

The SN indicates an unconscious attitude or a defensive system stuck in the deepest of our memory. It also happens that the SN shows us a gift or a talent cultivated in another life, that we can perpetuate or develop if we are aware of it.

The North Node (head of the Dragon) is the echo of the SN, the challenge we’re heading to liberate a potential/talent put in jail by our unconscious. Described as the road to destiny, the NN is awareness.

(“Hunting the Dragon” by Kalen)

So, to recap: Lilith represents the passage from the South Node to the North Node, the liberation of those forces that have been locked away from our conscious awareness, and to which we have a special opening during this new Moon. This potential is hidden underneath, and blocked by, neuroses that create havoc in our lives because they are allowed to exist away from our light (awareness). So it seems that the challenge is to find the demon's lair, face it, and bring back to life what is naturally ours. One might want to check the position of the Nodes in their birth chart to get a feeling for the themes appropriate to their own soul-journey.

This soul-journey takes place in the context of the karmic continuity of the collective. Presently the Dragon is facing the Bull and has its tail stuck in the mysterious, sexual, warrish and dark realm of Scorpio. Much of what has been hidden, as we all can see, is coming to the surface, and a new world, fairer and wiser, lies ahead. But this is a process that will require transformation, and therefore the connection to a deeper continuity in which the rejected must become integrated.


A quick surfing of the rest of the chart shows us that this new Moon is largely favourable to such a grand endeavour. The Nodes are in a harmonious aspect to Neptune, who is in his rulership in Pisces, home of this NM. The 'lucky' mood of this lunation is further enhanced by its conjunction to Jupiter (in its classical rulership too!). With Nessus as part of the conjunction the same theme of immersion into karmic trauma and the liberation of trapped potential is emphasised. Radical change and cleansing in relationships is also indicated by the quadruple conjunction of Pluto, Venus, Mars and Vesta, and to top it all off we will be receiving some serious lessons in global restructuring from the great teacher Saturn in conjunction with the messenger of the gods in Aquarius.


This is clearly not an easy passage as much will need to be faced in the coming days, months and years. We do well to understand that all this turmoil, conflict and brutality is born of a fake, cut-up 'continuity', based on lack of awareness and the demonization of the very gift of life and the power it holds. This new Moon invites us to dive into the deeper, pure continuity of awareness and integration.

Remember yourself before your birth,

The particle of freedom in your heart.

This is the pure continuity of your awareness...


(Poem/Song Continuity by Kalen)


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