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New Moon in Sagittarius / Orphiuchus, 12 - 13th December 2023

Into no-mind

Taking a break from writing and researching this article I went for a run. On my way back I saw a baby snake, dead and intact, right in front of me. Knowing that the snake is a symbol of transformation, and keeping in mind the date of this new Moon, I got a hunch. And sure as gold,

underneath the accepted fact that we are in the 12th month of the year, in the middle of Sagittarius's portion of the annual pie, there is another hidden fact; actually, this new Moon happens in Orphiuchus, the snake-hander, 13th sign of the zodiac. To be accurate it happens on the cusp of the 12th and the 13th, which is in itself very much in keeping with the hanging transitoriness that marks this lunation. In any case we are facing the conflict between the system and reality.

Following the full Moon in Gemini, it is only normal that the rational mind is being split in two,

oscillating between two worlds, two systems, two paths, two assemblages of reality. That feeling of hanging, of losing touch with an idea or a plan that was crystal-clear 2 minutes ago, can be very confusing. But there is no remedy to this, no quick way to resolve the split. It is time to find access to no-mind, welcoming a new vision. (

The true story of the butler and the master

Mind is the butler of the house, who has effectively become the manager. The master relied on the butler, and the butler took advantage, weakening the master with platitudes and comforts he did not really need. The butler built a world in which the master felt he was being served, and in which he could indulge in numbing pleasures, self-pity and self-importance; until slowly slowly his life became terribly entangled in the plots of the butler. In our present age the master has been given mercy by the cosmos, a chance to become aware of his predicament. This new Moon is a pivotal moment in this transformation of consciousness.


The subtle call of this lunation is for us to make a choice between two reality-bundles that co-exist, share the same physical context, but are fundamentally incompatible. And there is no way to enter these crossroads unless we are willing to experience this incompatibility fully; a sort of experience of being torn apart by opposing forces. Through the direct and rough experience of the mind, we enter no-mind. We give up the illusion of control that identification with thought gives us. In other words, we drop our faith in the butler, and gradually regain our birthright; as well as the proper services of the butler, who is now returned to sanity, happy to keep his place and fulfil his function.

As clear lines dissolve...

So, moving beyond the borders between systems, we can say that the Sagittarian spirit of adventure and thirst for deep and stable truth, leads us quite naturally to the wisdom of the snake-handler; he who has found the way to listen to the messages of his own depths. See this article (

We are in a time of transition, resonating erratically and intermittently with potentially incompatible frequencies. This will become a paralysis if we choose to cling to the known. This revolutionary moment – of being in between and betwixt – is of great value, and dropping the mind is the entrance ticket. As Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, we are also asking ourselves “to what extent are we already in the Age of Aquarius?” Do ages have borders? Or do they actually creep in on us slowly and imperceptibly? Dropping the fixation with borders (both the fixation to harden them, as well as the fixation to eradicate them) is perhaps one good step in moving out of an egoic stance. This new Moon seems to be a miniature prefiguring of a vastly larger movement, a sort of point of concentration that both expresses offers directions towards a New Age. A map, if you will.

Pluto turned direct in synchrony with the Solar Eclipse of the 14 th October, which was a point of departure, a sort of catapult for Pluto's journey into Aquarius. This eclipse is connected to another one that will happen in April 2024. The connection is that both these eclipses' trajectories intersect on the state of Texas in the U.S. If we observe what is happening in this state in the present times of transition, we can get a clearer view of what the entry into Aquarius involves. It includes bringing to justice those entities that thrive and hold on to an expired power by means of lies and manipulation, abuse of power, and the sheer betrayal of humanity and cosmic order.

A look at the chart

As soon as betrayal of cosmic laws becomes part of the equation, one must consult Orcus-Vandth. This binary dwarf that shares many characteristics with Pluto is strongly aspected for this new Moon. Conjunct Juno, and opposing Nessus, these 'minor' planets form a T-Square to Mars. This indicates a time of reckoning. Nessus and Juno point to an abuse of innocence, a harming of children and childbearing women, and the traumas inflicted upon humanity and individuals through various forms of child-abuse. It also indicates the duty of older members of the community to defend the vulnerable young, making sure that their potential and integrity is preserved. The axis Virgo / Pisces indicates that these transgressions have to do with human health, illnesses and pharmaceutics. New Moon, Orcus-Vandth and Mars tell us that it's time for accounts to be settled (Sagittarius is law, justice and truth).

As Mars recently passed through Scorpio, bringing to light carefully hidden secrets and unconscious conflicts, it was also running in conjunction with the Sun. This quickens the purification by fire, bringing deep spiritual re-structuring (Saturn in Pisces).

At this time the generation of children and youngsters aged around 9 – 14 years are experiencing the influence of Saturn conjuncting their natal Neptune, which brings a varied menu to the table. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (which Pluto is just finishing cleaning up) focus the energy of global transformation further. But we must find ways to understand the kids, because they are the main target of the rotten elites.

Saturn's conjunction to their natal Neptune is affecting different children in different ways, but a

connecting line runs through the scenario. A great fog has been blown into the mind of this

generation, a blockage in the perception of the actual. And now Saturn comes to initiate a reality-

check. So these kids now need support, even though most of their elders cannot grasp what it is that they are experiencing exactly. To be there in Presence, in the non-resistance of no-mind, is the Way. Saturn's additional conjunction to Eros suggests an attraction to and embracing of toxic ideas related to sexuality. We can help the kids avoid the traps of this conjunction, while gently

accompanying them to embrace the actual qualities that it will awaken in them; spiritual gifts, deep insight, artistic talent, love for all life, and cleansing of generational karma.

The Conjunction of Venus, Sappho, and Pallas, as well as their opposition to Jupiter, invites us to

revisit the old wisdom about how it is better to keep a word to ourselves, rather than to just spit out whatever comes to mind. It invites us to tap into our diplomatic juices, while never shying away from what needs to be said and what needs to be emphasised. But even in a fight for our lives, or that of those we care about, we remain in peace, choosing our words with creative insight. These are the dark days, and the conflict must be faced. This too shall pass, and the light will soon return.

So in this time of great and definitive transition, we look into ourselves to act selflessly, plant trees the shade of which we might never enjoy. All we have learnt is waiting for our move, to give it life, to resurrect it; so that it can manifest through us. Let's intend for ourselves a generous heart, and actualise this intent through action. Let's move into no-mind, and see what happens.


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