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New Moon in Virgo, 15th September 2023, 3.39 CET

The main characteristic of this new Moon chart is an aspect pattern, partially carried over from the previous full Moon, sometimes referred to as a 'Kite'. It involves a grand trine, as well an extra 'anchor' planet forming an opposition to one of the points of the triangle, resulting in sextiles to the other two. Take a look at the chart and you will clearly see why it is called a Kite!

Since this is a highly dynamic new Moon, we will follow the Kite, first through the story of the grand trine, then move to the 'anchor' planet Neptune. As we go along we will take a look at some other characteristics of this new Moon through the lens of that story.

G.Trine point 1: Uranus conj Jupiter, both retro

Uranus in Taurus is inclined towards conflict. The Bull is strong, and he represents steady lasting structures. Uranus demands swiftness, and essentially prefers to break things rather than maintain their present form. This makes for a nervous and unpredictable Bull! In fact the last time Uranus was in Taurus the world was experiencing one of the darkest periods in known history, the 2nd World War. At present we find ourselves in a similar situation, on the verge of a further intensification of the 3rd World War, which so far has been ongoing in relative secrecy.

Close enough to Uranus we find Jupiter. Jupiter appreciates the Taurian possibilities for fun and pleasure that stable structures allow societies to come up with. In fact he might indulge a little bit too much, a vibration whose activity we can perceive in our societies. The indulgence in material pleasures, as Jupiter's specific position attests (a matter of so-called 'dignities' in astrology), is also attached to a sense of being lost, of having very little in terms of direction. In such a situation the pleasures of the world become even more alluring.

Uranus and Jupiter are not tightly bound, but they are still working as a team. Uranus is certainly exploding economic structures, as well as systems through which people or entities possess land, work it and build on it. It is exploding what our societies have declared to be beautiful, imploding the the traditionally strict divide between pleasure and pain, the beautiful and the ugly, value and vice. Uranus has no moral obligation towards us, and he challenges the very core of our securities. The comforts and over-indulgence that our culture now provides are now empowering the less palatable shades of this Uranian revolution. These explosions are being hijacked, as well as deliberately caused, by organizations and other actors that know how to manipulate energies and populations in order to achieve their own goals. As populations increasingly sink into an unconscious feeling of lostness and hopelessness, they enthusiastically indulge in mind-numbing pleasures as a way to escape the pain.

G.Trine point 2: Pluto, retro in Capricorn

Uranus is working hand in hand with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing into this relationship the effects of its collaboration with Jupiter. As Uranus explodes the age-old monetary system of physical money, Pluto the destroyer, lord of the underworld and supreme jailer, acts where his energy intersects with that of Capricorn. The top-down power of secret societies and deep government, imposing centralised forms of digital currencies through underhanded means, and the large-scale centralisation of land-ownership and other vital resources, is one way this collaboration is expressed.

G.Trine point 3: new Moon in Virgo

But even though these energies are being to some extent successfully hijacked by players with dark intentions, their effects go far beyond the arrogant minds of the elite. At this point the sharp mind of the humble Virgo begins to show its true worth. The Moon in Virgo becomes introspective, and we begin seeking to understand the instincts and emotional mechanisms that carry our everyday lives. This need to understand is reinforced by Mercury stationing to turn direct in Virgo, which it rules. Its opposition to Saturn strengtens Virgo's intent to put order in the emotional centre. But Virgo might need some help on how to avoid blocking its emotions through analysis. And here the great potential value of the 'anchor' planet Neptune, also in its rulership in Pisces, reveals itself.

The 'anchor planet: Neptune, retro in Pisces

The beauty of Pisces lies mainly in its receptivity, in its gentleness, and in its effortless giving. Pisces recieves, and Pisces returns, bringing a fluid circular movement between polarities. It gives the rare opportunity to the Moon in Virgo to express itself, because it allows Virgo to let go of its temptation to over-analyse: but it also allows it to keep and use its sharp mind to the full. To the extent that this harmony of complimentary opposites is accomplished, Virgo's talents can compress the fateful events represented in the grand trine, and interact with Neptune to heighten their vibrational frequencies, thus transforming potential (as well as actual) tragedies into driving-forces for evolution. This movement activates the positive aspects of the main actors of the grand trine. The inevitable hardships that lie ahead become catalysts for the arising of a new Earth.

This energy is already in motion. Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, is committed to truth. Many things are being revealed. Tragedies that have been made to seem as having been created by nature or by well-known terrorist groups, are now clearly revealed as the work of players that are much closer to home. The opposition of Saturn and Mercury in the axis of health (Virgo / Pisces) also indicates with very little doubt that more restrictions on truth will be imposed, especially in the field of health and medicine. But this opposition has a higher vibration too, and it involves a deep ordering of our emotional centre which is accomplished by facing the past and taking a close look at what needs to change. The collaboration with Pisces activates Virgo's ability to eliminate the toxic.

Sun Matters

The Sun in Virgo can bring up the issue of how useful one is to the world. Here lies the risk of becoming very self-critical, and the opposition to Neptune would boost this into fully-fedged self-sacrifice. But there is a way in which Virgo accepts to have her needs met, even though she will never make herself her own first priority. Virgo will be challenged by the activity happening in the fiery Leo, where three very particular feminine archetypes are very focused on individual self-expression.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is overflowing with beauty. She is feasting on her confidence. The conjunction to the ascendant indicates that Venus's and Leo's vibrations could also intersect on pride. This would probably be expressed in terms of 'how I look' in physical terms, and one is to be alert to the trappings of vanity and superficiality.

But Venus has more than a subtle connection to Taurus in this chart. In fact she has hard aspects to Uranus and Jupiter, calling for a re-evaluation of what we consider precious, of where we tend to focus our interests. Juno is conjunct Venus, and this directs this re-evaluation of values towards Juno's commitment, loyalty and dedication to those she is responsible for. This echoes Virgo's heroic attributes. So our re-evaluation of values might lead us into a deeper sense of service to others and higher causes.

As usual there is the devil in the folds. Black Moon Lilith is also in Leo, and heavily aspected too. Her passage through Leo fires up her fierce sense of uncompromising individuality, as well as her ferocious rebellion against anything or anyone that might impinge upon it. In this there is power, and if change is to happen we need power. In harmonious trine to Eris, who shares many of her traits, and who has moved into a tighter conjunction to the N.Node, we can clearly see that the future of humanity and civilization depends on focused and uncompromising rebellion. Scout planet Orcus-Vanth neutralises and transforms Virgo's ego-concern for purity, putting us face to face with the dirty facts, thus inviting purification.

Mars holds a subtle connection to Lilith, Eris and the N.Node, and surprisingly might be the one to balance out Lilith's complete disregard of useful compromise! In Libra, he is in sextile to Venus and Juno. In general Mars finds it difficult to act in the way Libra demands. It is like casting Robin Williams in the role of a Taoist monk. He can do it, but he needs to work at it, and be open to the feedback of other actors. With this in mind we can make very good use of Mars's abundant energy. This chart is full of retrograde planets, and thus demands that we turn inwards, focusing on building inner strength through physical and mental stillness, as well as physical and mental exercise. Yin and Yang. Mars can actually become an ally in this, as this stillness is the state of the warrior in battle, as well as the state of the monk, or the dancer in action. The balance that the god of war seeks with his feminine counterpart is already there, and is expressed in the conjunction of Eros (son of Mars and Venus) to Chariklo, the feminine shaman, who could transform herself from centaur to water nymph. This interaction between Earth and Water traces precisely the healing trajectory of this new Moon in the axis Virgo / Pisces.

Here we move into a state of pure Being through the inspired order we bring to our daily lives.


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