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New Moon in Virgo - 17th Sept 2020

13.00hrs, time in French Alps

The Gate out of Conflict, into Harmonious Living

Saturn is quite strongly placed in the chart. At the end of September it will leave its retrograde motion and return direct. Pluto will follow suit some days later. This makes it a time ripe with challenge and opportunity for rebirth through learning somehow difficult life-lessons. During this New Moon Saturn is placed in two major aspects; a trine with the New Moon itself, and a square with Mars, recently turned retrograde. The accumulated tensions and conflicts brought by Mars' turn to retrograde motion can be somehow channelled, starting from this New Moon, into positive and lasting change. As Saturn and Pluto slow down to return to direct motion, however, some discomfort is on the menu. Perhaps the most potentially uncomfortable aspect in the NM chart is the square Saturn R in Capricorn - Mars R in Aries. This indicates the arising of inner and outer tensions and conflicts.

The trine Saturn – NM in Virgo can be regarded as the Gate out of these conflicts, an opportunity to align one's intent with forming a more harmonious way of living. Saturn in this aspect is more inclined to promote growth. This growth, nurtured by the mood of Virgo (service, self-development, care for others and attention to detail) can be focused and truly liberating.

Mercury in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn... moving in the next few days to square with Saturn and Mars. It seems like it is good to act without too much hesitation where interpersonal communication is concerned, especially with regards to observing oneself in the area of interacting with others. This would lay the groundwork for the more challenging aspects of Mercury when the square with Saturn/Pluto and Mars happens. This latter aspect has all the ingredients for a serious challenge on a number of levels. Inner conflict and mental tensions are quite probable, and the outward expression of these tensions too. Communication on all levels, inner, interpersonal, social, and political is likely to be a bit of a nightmare in the days following the NM. Seeing others beyond the image we have formed of them can truly make the difference here. Conflict arises when a being that is born to be free is limited. The image we form of others and that others form of us are a very real, even though invisible, prison. Understanding this deeply is the key to freedom and harmony.

The New Moon is, in fact, a time to put and end to things and initiate new beginnings. If handled with awareness the Martian energy can boost our potential to allow the formation of new structures. These include both those inner structures through which neurosis and conflict give way to clarity and consistency, and also in our everyday lives, where proper structuring and organization help significantly to reduce anxiety and tension.

The sextile aspect between Neptune and Jupiter/Pluto, and Neptune's soft opposition to the NM indicates a strong potential for rebirth and expansion. Of course it is never easy to deal with the depth of the water element, with its penchant for addiction and illusion... but if one is able to avoid falling into the temptation of not facing one's fears, escaping in cheap thrills and emotions, and manages to keep it real to some degree, then the rewards will be there for the reaping.

Venus in Leo square to Uranus retrograde: Uranus will certainly boost the restlessness that is a trait of Venus in Leo. But there is an opportunity to observe this restlessness and allow it to transform into an enthusiasm for change. Venus in Leo can activate energy-draining traits like self-importance and depression, and with a square to Uranus this is certainly a probability. Uranus, the planet that demands change, is in Taurus (itself ruled by Venus), and is therefore placing before us the areas in which change needs to happen, perhaps even urgently. The way we relate to the material world, money and pleasure is the area of Taurus. It is quite easy, in a chart essentially ruled by Virgo and Saturn R, to take an attitude of self-recrimination and self-criticism when one is faced with certain failings or weaknesses. This is nothing but the egoic mind making our lives a little hell. It is enough to sit with those weaknesses, allow them to be, investigate (without analysing) how they reduce our lives to joyless existence. This is action, the not-doing of trying to change; which brings about real change, naturally, immediately.

Have fun, be creative in everything you do, whether you are making a sandwich, bathing, or brushing your dog. The joy of paying attention during simple mundane actions relieves us of the boredom of routine existence and opens our eyes to the incalculable value of being alive.



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