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New Moon in Virgo, 27th August 2022, 10.17 CET, Malta.

This New Moon presents us with an Air Triangle and a T-Square with explosive potential. In this article we will explore briefly the themes involved and how these two configurations interact. The intention is not prediction but to help awaken awareness to certain areas of life as being more likely to be affected during this passage.

However before we move forward the reader is strongly encouraged to look back into June and July of 2021 and see which themes are now recurring in their lives. This is because the T-Square mentioned above happened in quite precisely in the same way (to the sign and degree) between the 6th and 8th July 2021. So the same challenges reappear and echo each other, creating a circulation of potential that can be used to fling us into a clearer and more harmonious future.

The new Moon itself occurs in the 2nd house, the one involved with action, skills and possessions. It is the house that conforms to Taurus, and therefore closely connected to Venus, the goddess of sensual beauty. Carried forward from the previous full Moon we also have Eros as the scout planet, helping to balance the self-analysis and self-judgement that Virgo can fall prey to. If we are aware of the basic themes of this new Moon there is much beauty to be harvested.

A New Moon in Virgo will also inevitably invite us to look closely at what Mercury is up to. The planet of communication is very active in this chart, being involved in a Triangle of Air with Mars and Chariklo (and, not conforming to the element, but still within the triangle, Pluto).

Let's take a short look at both configurations.

The Air Triangle – Mars, Mercury, Chariklo (and Pluto as an outsider)

The T-Square discussed above is “missing a leg” to be a complete structure. This missing leg is a pull toward the deep, watery, and mysterious Scorpio. This is the sign that modern astrology has put under the rule of Pluto because of the sympathy they share for death and regeneration (the egolessness of erotic bliss). This movement of Uranus, from the material (Taurus) to the deep unconscious (Scorpio), from the waking world to the Dream-World, is the resolution of this T-Square, and thus the integration of Venusian and Saturnian energies.

Pluto here introduces us to the Triangle. This, unlike the more challenging square, is an immediately accessible configuration, and will therefore be the part of luck during this passage. The presence of Chariklo, even though she is small and insignificant, suggests the opening to new healing abilities in our service of the spirit. It is a time to look at things, around us and within, closely and fearlessly and find out what it is that acts as impediment to living in our bliss. Action and understanding will mutually empower each other. So let's listen to the messages of the spirit.

Last words:

There is the overarching theme of letting go in this chart, whether it is letting go of self-inflicted punishment, a harmful frivolity, or a relationship that has run its course. The triangle suggests it is time, the path is clear. Venus, the mother of the chart, is connected to circulation (“vena”, vein, blood), the free flow of life energy, the height of creative living. She too will be making the passage from Leo to Virgo just before the next full Moon.


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