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New trick of the flyers: Avatar 2

December 2022, the new Avatar makes its return on the screens. If at first sight I liked the first one, I also discovered many subliminal messages including glorifying violence and promoting weaponry.

Avatar 2 (the way of water) never disappointed me. There were all the ingredients to make a harsh criticism. Better watch this film with the eye of a tiger than the eye of an emotional human being. The scenario looks like the first one, the people from Heiwa, the Omaticaya, are now re located within a new tribe: the Metkayina, a Na'vi clan living in the water.

Plot: Other humans then return in force to Pandora. Their mission is to prepare the planet to become a new Earth and to welcome their exodus. Jake, Neytiri and the Omaticayas were the first to oppose them. However, humans also have a squad of «recombined»: Na'vi avatars with memories of dead soldiers. Their leader was none other than Colonel Quaritch, who had taken care to safeguard his memory and personality before the battle in which he lost his life.

Special effects are amazing, characters are well designed, sceneries are magnificent, music is fantastic budget was huge, BUT.....

Seeing beyond the first attention!

If we have a close look at the poster, we clearly SEE that the letter A contains a

hidden message: the brand of freemasonry. Why?

...Once Cameron has finished this film (Aliens), he had completed his York Rite

degrees in Masonry and had moved on into the Scottish Rite. It’s also worthy to note

during this time in 1985 and 1986, 33rd Degree Mason.

Filmography of the mason:

The shape of the letter A looks exactly like the Square and Compasses design, which is the single most identifiable symbol of freemasonry. Both the square and compasses are architect's tools and are used in Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons.

Some Lodges and rituals explain these symbols as lessons in conduct: for example, Duncan's Masonic Monitor of 1866 explains them as:

The square, to square our actions; The compasses, to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind.

The fallen angel.

the wings of Lucifer

The letter A also show a winged man, representing Lucifer:

"light bearer", composed of "lux (light)" and "ferre (porter)", which means a

mythological entity.

Does Cameron invite us to penetrate in the world of darkness?

Probably yes, specially in the underworld, a world of fears and emotions. The guy has a certain talent to play with wars, destructions, pains, emotions, rage, violence, death...

The use of “blue light” used in dark situations has become one of Cameron’s directing styles. It symbolizes Cameron’s ascension from the first three degrees of Masonry which are known as the blue lodges, to the next level of degrees which are known as the York Rite.

The war between innocent tribes and men handling the public what is a battle of power, the first ones are struggling for their freedom and the others want to dominate and colonize.

Avatar 2 touches directly the unconscious. One can consider this film as a tool of the social engineering ruled by the Hollywood Luciferian jet set. If there’s a proverb arguing the best is yet to come, the Luciferian message is reversed: the worst is yet to come.

No need to mention that the bad guy never dies and will be back on chapter 3.

The shamanic point of view.

Once able to see beyond the first attention (mad by reason and conditionings), this film can help you to understand that there is a collective conditioning. Digging in my memory, I’ve found a strange parallel between Avatar and Body Double (Brian de Palma 1984).

In Avatar the name of the hero is Jake Sully. In Body Double, it is Jake Scully. This coincidence leads me to the concept of the existence of a Double/Dream Body*, used by the shamans to enter a new reality.

In the films produced by the Hollywood industry, there is a certainty: no one wants you free. No one wants you to have an access to you dream body.

Between you and I, launching a production making the promotion of death (water element) during the time of the return of the Light (Yule) is in itself a message...

The word for the end:

You can’t believe everything you see.

So let’s close our eyes and meditate on it.


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