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Numerology report FM 16th May 2022 Searching for positive vibrations

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

This sparkle of numerology starts with a Full Moon followed by a lunar eclipse. This is a part of a long process of seeing how a new world is coming from the collapse of the old one.

The New World (dis)0rder and its cabal of lies, tricks and manipulations has been chased by an important egregor of positive awareness. The Deep State ruled by jacks of all trade is showing its limitations: this one world government made by elites with slaves will be very soon part of the past. First, the tower of the Deep State has to fall down....

Number 16 = a karmic number...

In the Tarot of Marseilles, The Tower represents the Tower of Babel: selfishness, ambition, the 16th Hebrew letter aïn, uncontrolled energies. According to Genesis, the Babylonians wanted to make a name for themselves by building a mighty city and a tower “with its top in the heavens.” God disrupted the work by so confusing the language of the workers that they could no longer understand one another. The city was never completed, and the people were dispersed over the face of the earth.

The men, trying to climb the Tower, are thirsty for power. But the divine lightning punishes their arrogance and selfishness: the inordinate search for perfection inevitably leads to failure and punishment. On a shamanic point of view, the message that passes this card announces the destruction of a structure. It should be the demolition of a part of the DS represented by its legitimate corrupt organizations acting like governments.

So, one castle may fall down, like the fortification of WHO, NATO, UN or one of the foundations handled by the financial organized crime.

As number 16 is a karmic number, we can point out the opportunity to cleanse a part of our collective history by being aware of the illusion created by the medias.

Part 1 = 16th May 2022, the addition!

16+5= 21= 3

* In the Tarot of Marseilles, number 21 symbolizes the World. The world represents the ancient female deity of the Earth.

On the Arcane of the World, the goddess of life is represented with 4 companions. Motionless in the center, it represents the flaming eternal fire. Its position of dynamic equilibrium symbolizes activity, youth and life. The angel, the bull, the lion and the eagle represent the four elements, the four colors, the four magic imperatives (the will, the knowledge, the silence and the audacity). It is a recognized call in its deepest reality, as well as acceptance of fullness and awareness.

* Associated with number 3 (2+1), this FM invites us to see or strengthen our link of communication with the Spirit (Nagual).


16+5 = 21= 3
2022 = 6
6+3 = 9

Number 9: the Hermit... on the road to the silent knowledge.

The lantern he carried can be seen as a symbol of wisdom. The Hermit raised the lamp, clarified the past, like an experienced man, a scholar, or a therapist. This light may be secret knowledge for monks, or vice versa, a source of knowledge given to any clergyman looking for it. The Hermit illuminates the path, or perhaps, he used the lamp to modestly attract the attention of the Gods.

The Hermit relies on a cane that captures the instinctive energies of the universe: the Hermit must submit these energies to control them. If we pay attention to his forehead, we can see a 3rd eye..symbol of subtle perception.

Part 2 = 16.05.2022, the subtraction!

To find the challenge of a date of birth, we have to calculate differently. By going down, not only we follow another track but we validate the eclipse movement. Let’s have a look at the challenge of the FM:

May 16 2022

5 7 6

2 1


The presence of the eclipse helped me to put in light the subtraction, as one can see a glimpse of the subterranean world of subconscious. The word sub leads us to the underworld,

The lunar eclipse will affect our psyche.

In numerology number 1 symbolizes the head, number 3 the solar plexus and number 9 might also refer to the art of dreaming.

In the tarot of Marseilles, number 1 is the Magician!

This character contains all potential, it is like the starting point from which the Universe appeared. For the Magician, everything is possible. He had a range of elements displayed on the table in front of him that he could use every time he wanted, and a small bag that was not difficult to see and seems to be an endless bag, like the goat horn with fruit (symbolizing abundance).

From his table, this character works towards the universe and spiritual life.

Four things are shown on this card that can also be found on other cards in the Tarot of Marseille: the wand, the coin, a cup and a sword. They symbolize the four elements that are the source of life: water, air, earth, fire.

He is holding the wand on his left hand while his right hand touches a pentagram. These

details belong to perception.

The challenge of the Magician invites us to understand that our personal power now depends on the collective awareness...

Part 3 = the majesty of number 9.

Looking closely at the patterns 3 and 6, you notice that, 3 and 6 equals 9,

6 and 3, equals 9,

all numbers combined equals 9,

both ways of excluding and including 3 and 6!

So 9 means the union of both parties.

9 is The Universe itself!

If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency

and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

So let’s be magic and listen to positive vibrations!


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