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Positive thinking

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Practising the Not-Doing or Wu Wei if you prefer for more than two decades, I am still enjoying the principle of coincidence and synchronicity. So a few weeks ago, by re-finding a book called Manifesto, bought 15 year ago, a little bird told me I had to write an article about the importance of positive thinking.

Witten by Stephen Russel (Barefoot Doctor) in 2004, Manifesto uses the concept of visualisation and the wisdom of the ancient Taoists from China. But what I really like is the approach of the author, a Taoist himself, arguing that positive thinking mixed with visualization can help you to change your life. Somehow, the fellow Barefoot Doctor is right. All the conditionings coming from our education, our family, our genes can be neutralized by a twist in our way of thinking.

Very simple to understand. We all play a role given by our thoughts, products of our several conditionings. Suddenly we all realise how difficult it is to be ourselves. By changing a program in our mind, we release the tension of the fake role the system wants us to play. It is somehow a matter of re-programming ourselves with the role the Spirit (the Universe / the Tao) that wants us to play to erase our personal story.

So, fellow warriors, be ready for a change. And all change is good as it decrystallizes fears and all the routines attached, feeding our need for security. The fear of change is a natural fear, sometimes gripped to the fear of the unknown or the fear of dying.

Here are some extracts from the book; Manifesto:

" enjoy the process and forget about the results until they happen, then enjoy them too."
"acknowledge the negativity of your mind, but choose to over-ride it by continuing to reinforce the positive."
'"visualize yourself doing whatever you imagine you'd do in a starting love affair."
"the more I share my abundance, the more there is for me too."
"banish the world struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary."
"don't be ashamed of getting what you want, and don't be embarrassed - and don't think for a moment it's not spiritual."

Manifesto, Stephen Russel (Barefoot Doctor)

Don't forget to say thank you to yourself and to the the Spirit/ Universe/ Tao.

May a positive thought help you for a positive change!

Ready to start an internal revolution?



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