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Samhain 2022: the point between the 2 last eclipses of the year

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Following the old article from last year about the Celtic fest of Samhain ( we have to realize that this tremendous gate takes place between 2 eclipses (25th Oct & 8th Nov), making this precious festival the most important of 2022.

On the chart we can notice several interesting spots, such as:

- Samhain night (31st Oct-1st Nov) occurs in the axis of the Nodes.

- there is a big opposition between the team=Mercury (scout planet), Venus, the Sun

conj to the South Node facing Uranus in Taurus conj to the North Node.

- we are dealing with a fixed cross (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius)

- there is a subtle interaction between Mars R in Gemini and Mercury in Scorpio.

The karma cleansing is still at the menu, and it is very consistent to consider Samhain as a bridge starting from the solar eclipse during the 25th Oct NM to the lunar eclipse of the 8th Nov FM.

Samhain was known in Ireland as the Lord of Darkness.

Druidism was practiced by ancient Celtic tribes (populated Ireland and parts of Europe) who worshipped the Lord of Darkness.

In modern shamanism, Samhain is the time where the ancestors used to deliver messages from beyond. Located in the very mysterious sign of the Scorpio, it’s the perfect time to look at our dark side, to accept it in order to get rid of it, meaning; transforming the dark (fears) into light (actions).

For the ones following the Nagualist path, it’s a good time to understand the concept from Castaneda, called ... death is an adviser.

I’ve met so many folks arguing: at that time of the year they felt a kind of dark

shadow floating near their left shoulder.

Very consistent by the way, as the left side is the side of the Nagual. The Spirit knocks with subtleties on our awareness (and luck) of being alive.

The supreme level of communication...

The mutual interception between Mars R in the sign of Mercury...and Mercury in the sign of Mars, show us the battle for information. The corrupt governments use their last force in the battle of communication to control the mass. One can also realize that the battle of power is more on the screen than in life, as the fake restrictions promoted by the medias = loyal servants of the politicians = loyal servants of the finance = loyal servant of the flyers... are only played to control and block the population.

Mercury, acting as a scout planet, plays quite an important role in the pantomime,

showing the public who really are our so called “leaders”.

The fixed cross helps us to see how the (fake) power is or will be used by the principle of corruption: providing lies on screens.

Uranus caminando with the North Node, the moon in Aquarius lead us to a better understanding of the conspiracy in order to change the scenario.

The opposition Black moon-Pluto in the axis Cancer/Capricorn gives to this chart an

impact coming of our collective unconscious.

Key word: down under

Have a look at your personal birth chart!

For the ones interested in going deeper in astrology, it should be appropriate to see the aspects with your planets within the fixed cross.

Scorpio is fixated by the dark mysteries of life and death. It’s ruled by Pluto, the lord

of the dead.

Let the wheel turning clockwise:

So let’s listen to the messages of our ancestors and make 3 positive wishes...just to fix our unbending Intent.

The word of the end to Master Yoda:

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack.”

The Empire Strikes Back


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