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Soulmates & Karmic relationships... how to see the link on the birth chart.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Most of us must be familiar with the concept of soul mates. For the ones who are lucky enough to have found their soulmate, there are many coincidences and a strange synchronicity occurring at that time. The person you weren’t supposed to meet...suddenly comes into your life. Not only you find this normal, by also unusual because of the deep feelings coming back to surface. Within an intimate connection, there’s a conspiracy of the Universe, signs and sometimes a move of the elements (air, fire, earth, water) at the moment of the meeting.

Regarding a karmic relationship, things are a bit different, as we accept the concept of past life. However the attraction is still very magnetic like that of soulmates. The karmic aspect is that both of the partners have to realize they’ve known each other a long long time ago. The word ‘Karma’ relates to cause and effect: It is based on the theory that every situation we face in our lives is a result of past actions. If a person does positive deeds, their life outcomes will also be positive. Similarly, if a person engages in negative deeds, they would have to face any negative outcomes of their actions.

The idea of karmic relationships originates from Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these religions believe in the afterlife and soulmate relationships.

This is the opportunity for me to bounce on karmic astrology. To identify or to recognize a karmic relationships there are 3 very important bridges :

( aspects = conjunction or opposition ) :

* the aspects with the Nodes often called Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are not actually planets of physical substance like the other seven planets, rather they are areas of churned up energy, pregnant with mysticism and significance. They are the points where the Moon and Earth’s orbits intersect. This creates two areas of electromagnetic disturbances, which are directly opposite each other, and have come to be known as the Moon’s Nodes or in Vedic terms Rahu and Ketu.

* the aspects with the Black Moon, Lilith.

Aspects of the Black Moon represent potentialities that are strong but often remain unconscious at the beginning of life. The aspectated planet is linked to a karmic past or a gap felt in the unconscious rarely expressed with words.

*the aspects with the Retrograde planets.

The R planet, must generate a reflection in life. It corresponds to a karmic obligation. Many retro-gradations correspond to errors that have been perpetuated in the past, or to new efforts to reconquer the potential of the planet in the house.

I should have added aspects with Saturn (the Lord of the Karma) as well. But considering it could be also R, the karmic link will be strengthened. Saturn in aspect should be considered as the barometer of the 2 birth charts. Let’s say that if you have no aspects with the 3 points, but only an aspect with Saturn, it should be a karmic relationship, focusing on the planet in conjunction or opposition. Any aspect with Saturn R is a sign of a karmic relationship.




This example shows many aspects being considered as karmic aspects. Let me sum up, the situation when the two charts are superimposed:

* Nodes....We see:

The moon of the woman (4° Leo) conjunct the man North node (6°) in Leo /opposite the South node (6°) in Aquarius. The North Node of the woman (21° Pisces) is opposite the Sun of the man, meaning that the South node of the woman (21°Virgo) is conjunct the man Sun (2°).

* About the Black Moon:

The woman Lilith (19°) is conjunct the man Mars (14°) in Cancer. The man Lilith (5°) is conjunct the woman Uranus(3°) in Libra.

* Retrograde we are:

No aspects with R planets, but both of them have a Saturn R!

Following the aspects seen, we can consider that these 2 people are facing a karmic relationship. Probably 2 souls re-finding themselves not for the 1st time. The charts show us that they’ve re found themselves as a man and as a woman (Black Moon aspects). It should be a spiritual relationship, meaning 2 people unifying throughout a spiritual mission more than a couple life. It’s always good to dig in your birth chart and see what kind of synergy you find in your partner. Above all, the way you met your soulmate has also its it is by itself a birth, so it has a chart.

Have a good trip on the journey to harmony.


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