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Steiner Strikes Again!

...or How an inspired understanding of the present situation makes precise predictions possible..

104 years ago Rudolf Steiner was giving lectures to teachers. His deep and detailed understanding of most things under the Sun (as well as those above it) makes him a difficult seer to digest. Many of the things he teaches are totally unacceptable to a mind that thinks it has already figured out how things work, and that therefore cancels anything that doesn't easily fit its neat box of assumptions. These lectures are no exception, and they are some of the most remarkable sources of understanding ever uttered and printed.

You understand that people like Steiner are not simply madmen with a fertile and hyper-active imagination, but people who pierce the smoke-screen of the matrix and see what lies deeper and closer to the foundations of human experience, because of two phenomena:

1. A deeply-felt resonance; underneath the noise of a mind that seeks to agree or disagree, there is an inner sense that permits us to feel the 'spirit's agreement' when something that is true is uttered; and

2. What these people say stands the test of practice, and the test of time, and the test of the holy grail of the so-called 'scientific method', which is the ability to predict.

104 years ago, to an audience of school teachers, Steiner said the following:

“Think for a moment about how it would be if we based our future education on the usual ideals of Marxist socialists. This has already occurred in Russia, and because of that the Lunatcharski reform is something terrible. It is the death of all civilization! Though many horrible things result from Bolshevism, the worst of these will be the Bolshevik teaching method! If it were victorious, then it would destroy everything hat has come into civilization from earlier times. This would not happen immediately with the first generation, but certainly with the coming generations, and thus, all civilization would soon disappear from the face of the Earth.......Socialism already tends towards this upside-down view. It mixes the good together with the bad. In this very room, you have already heard people singing the praises of Bolshevism having no idea that, through Bolshevism, the devil rides straight into socialism.

We must be particularly careful here. We need people who know that social progress requires that teachers have an intimate understanding of the human being. We must know that future teachers need a deep inner comprehension of human nature, that they must live with an inner connection to human nature, and that, in teaching they may not use the practices common among adults. What do most Marxists desire? They want to create socialist schools, they want to dismantle the principal's office without replacing it and they want to teach as many children as possible. Only something terrible can result!''

From 'The Foundations of Human Experience', Lecture Four.

An example in our times

Further down are a couple of screenshots of a document issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and endorsed by the United Nations (UN), detailing what the document itself calls a 'prescriptive' approach to sexual education in schools. It is to be noted that the intention of the WHO and UN is not to suggest educational parameters to schools in specific areas, but, as stated in the document itself, the instructions are to be implemented worldwide. This document presents itself as mandatory.

The screenshots are taken from an article about the document on the homepage of While I must express that I find that the article suffers a little from the

“Christian suspicion of sex”, it is nonetheless a brilliant article that should be read and watched

carefully by anyone interested in understanding the Luciferic and Ahrimanic agenda (since we are in Steiner-mode....).

The problem I find with this WHO document doesn't coincide exactly with the problem as expressed in I have no trouble with the idea that children, even very young children, do in practice relate to their bodies also through an instinctive sexual pleasure that is already present in their being. Of course they do, they are human! I am no expert in the matter but I have observed children having significant interest, an innocent and healthy curiosity, about the body and its pleasures, including the sexual variant. This is to all extents and purposes absolutely natural. And herein lies the rub. It's NATURAL! As soon as you start to 'educate' the intellect of a child about something he or she can only relate to through instinct, you are disrupting a delicate balance; you are actually abusing the child. This disorganises the child's natural development, breaks the natural continuity through which a healthy sexuality can come about in the developing child as he or she grows into further stages of life.

For those who have trained their inner sight, it is clear that this prescriptive approach has a satanic intent. “It mixes the good together with the bad.”

Through mentalizing the child's relationship to sexuality, through turning upside-down the child's

relationship to his or her own privacy, there emerges a picture of an intended deformation of an

entire generation's sexual experience. This, as Steiner said, will lead to disaster. Today we can see this play out before our very eyes, as the powers that are after the collapse of the human have made a science out of psychological dissociation, an induceable and recallable psychological condition that is essential to trauma-based mind-control.

Here, get a feel of it.

This screenshot details the document's mandate for sexual eduction of 0-4 year old children:

The following screenshot is for 9-12 year olds.

It is strongly suggested you read and watch the article on Do so with presence, as some of the information it provides can be strong.


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