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THE 3 DIFFERENT FIELDS OF AWARENESS: According to the Nagualist Path

Updated: Mar 29, 2020


Field of incarnated consciousness. It’s the known. It is the materialization of the wish to exist in the ordinary world. The tonal describes a field of consciousness closed in on itself, trapped by the power of conservation of Memory. It represents a linear time where the present moment is crystallized.

The DREAM BODY (or Light body):

Field of emancipation. It describes a subtle entity of silent awareness, both personal and impersonal. Vehicle (body) of passage between the ordinary consciousness (Tonal) to the unlimited field of creativity (Nagual). Guide to transmutation and liberation (dreams).


Field of creative consciousness. It’s the unknown. Infinite potential, but not material and not structured. State of enlarged awareness. It is the passage for transformation. It represents an infinite loop of time: everything is still there, and everything is already there.

We all have to be aware of the dynamic duality Tonal/Nagual. All change is good as it breaks the routines and the old memories contained in the tonal. This decrystallization offers a new access to enlarge consciousness. In ancient shamanic civilizations like the Amerindians, dreams were discussed within the circle of the tribe. Nowadays we read the newspapers or the social network.

An exercise given by the Toltec teachers to their apprentice was to make a dreamcatcher. What a good idea!


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