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The 9 Principles for a better understanding of the concept of Awareness (by don Juan)

Don Juan’s lessons on the art of stalking and the mastery of the Intent depended on his lessons on the mastery of awareness, which was the cornerstone of his teaching, and which was based on the following basic principles:

1. The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, which resemble wires

of light.

2. These fields of energy, called the emanations of the Eagle, radiate from a source

of unimaginable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle.

3. Human beings are also made up of countless fields of energy in the form of

wires. These Eagle emanations form a closed agglomeration that presents itself as a

ball of light the size of a human body, whose arms are extended laterally and which

resembles a giant luminous egg.

4. Only a very small group of energy fields in this light ball is illuminated by a point

of intense brightness on the surface of the ball.

5. Perception occurs when the energy fields of this small group, which surrounds the

point of brightness very closely, project their light in such a way as to illuminate

identical energy fields outside the ball. As the only perceptible energy fields are those

that are illuminated by the point of brilliance, this point is called the “point where

perception gathers” or simply the “Assemblage Point'' .

6. The A.P. may move from its ordinary position on the surface of the light ball to

another position, either on the surface or inward. As the brilliance of the Assemblage

Point can illuminate any energy field with which it comes into contact, it immediately

makes new energy fields shine and makes them noticeable when it has moved to a

new position. This perception is called seeing.

7. When the A.P. moves, it allows the perception of a completely different world

as objective and as real as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go to this other world to find energy, power, solutions to general or particular problems, or to face the


8. Intent is the universal force that makes us perceive. We do not become conscious

because we perceive; in fact, we perceive because of the pressure and intrusion of

the Intent.

9. The aim of sorcerers is to attain a state of total consciousness in order to

experience all the possibilities of perception that are offered to man. This state of

consciousness even implies another way of dying.

From The Power of Silence-Carlos Castaneda


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