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The Art of Stalking

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

To illustrate what is/should/will be the art of stalking, I have chosen an extract from Encounters with the Nagual to give you a sparkle of awareness. The natural behaviour of the ordinary man is to stalk the others for his own benefit. One can say that politicians are natural stalkers and it is true. Their addiction to self importance is so huge that they use their hunting ability to hunt the mass. The bankers and the financial corporation are also amazing predators.

Awareness is the challenge of the warrior. So...

"Stalking is the central activity of an energy tracker. Although it can be applied with astonishing results to our dealings with people, it is designed mainly to tune the practitioner. Manipulating and controlling others is an arduous task, but it is incomparably more difficult to control ourselves. For that reason, stalking is the technique that distinguishes the Nagual.

"Stalking can be defined as the ability to fix the assemblage point in new positions.

"The warrior who is stalking is a hunter. But, as opposed to an ordinary hunter who has his mind set on his material interests, the warrior pursues a bigger prey: His self importance. That prepares him to face the challenge of dealing with his fellow men - something that dreaming by itself cannot resolve. Sorcerers who don't learn how to stalk, turn into grumpy people." "Why?" "Because they don't have the patience to tolerate people's stupidity.

"Stalking is natural to us, due to a characteristic of our animal heritage: To survive, we have all

developed habits of behaviour which mold our energy and help us adapt. By studying those routines, an attentive observer can accurately predict the behaviour of an animal or a human being at any given moment.

Armando Torres (Encounters with the Nagual)

Breaking the routines is an act of power.

Do you see why the Flyers want us in quarantine and with lock-downs, curfews...


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