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The Assemblage Point, core of the teachings of Don Juan...

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The Assemblage Point is a zone of focus of specific beams of energy in the energetic cocoon of

every human being.

The energy lines which it gathers and lights up, as well as its position in the field of energy,

determine our perception of the world by assembling a reality of defined forms.

The world that is created is a world of perception.

A movement of the Assemblage Point (generally triggered by a physical or an emotional shock)

changes our perception of what we call reality, and thus our way of behaving, thinking, and seeing the world.

When it occurs, the common person generally thinks that he's losing reason. The usual reaction is to search at all costs to return to the former position of his/her Assemblage Point, to find a known and still world.

Physically, the Assemblage Point is on the surface of the bright cocoon, somewhere between the shoulder blades.

The Assemblage Point moves easily during a dream, but tends to do so in a chaotic way. It depends on the available energy. The more energy we earn (save) in the tonal (the known, everyday world), the more the Assemblage Point moves in a checked way.

Its position is defined by a vision of the world stemming from an unconscious agreement, one that is shared by the whole of humanity. It is, actually, fixed by this collective agreement.

The work of the sorcerer is precisely to break this fixedness by working on his/her perception of the world. Stopping the Inner Dialogue allows us an access to the void, and therefore allows the

Assemblage Point to move.

The movement of the Assemblage Point is probably the only way to overcome our conditionings.


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