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The day out of time: a little wink from the Mayan calendar!

To understand this special day that comes back every year in July, you should know that the Calendar of the 13 Moons of Mayan astrology is 28 days which makes 364 days and that the Gregorian calendar that we use to schedule our appointments, our birthdays... is 365 days and it is this timeless day in the Mayan astrology that returns every year, on 25th July.

The month of July is considered a month where a holy intersection of time takes place. According to the Mayan calendar, this particular month has two sacred days, both of which mark an end and a beginning.

On 25th July, we enter the portal of the day out of time, a place where everything and nothing exist simultaneously. Just as it realigns the lunar calendar and the solar year, it is also a special day to realign our own energies.

We must see it as a moment of change, of projection and evaluation, perfect to let go of what no longer serves us and should not be part of the new cycle that begins now.

We can also compare this day out of time with our occidental 31st December, the last day of the new year starting on the 26th July (1st January).

Welcoming synchronicity!

25 July 2023 =

25 . 07 . 2+0+2+3 =

7. 7. 7.

Dropping the monkey mind!

This special day invites us to drop the monkey mind = the mental going anywhere and everywhere like a monkey jumping from a tree to another. As it was very tempting to me to set up an astrological chart....I felt that a strong not doing of analysing was better. So after a short mediation, I came up with the idea of the moon void of course, concept that perfectly suits a timeless gate.

On the 25th July the moon will be void of course (VOC) from 15h05 till 16h55. It should be a perfect moment to let go, to meditate, to practice a not doing...whatever activity you choose without any interference of the rational mind.

The Mayan New Year:

The Mayan New Year is celebrated on July 26th, according to the Haab Mayan Calendar, which is based on a series of 17 cycles linked to the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and constellations like the Pleiades. For the Maya, July 26th was the beginning of a new "personality", a new cycle, which was signalled by its own sign or glyph. The Mayans celebrate the New Year with five days of silence and introspection, meditating and thinking back on the lessons learned in the previous year to keep in balance with nature.

And the most important is that the Mayan NY is very close to the 1st August = Lugnasad for the Celts and Lammas for the Nordic people.

This passage is a kind of counter part of the 1st November = Samhain.

In August 2023 there are 2 full moons (1st and 31st) and 1 new moon. That makes the

year 2023... a year with 13 moons (FM).

The lesson of no lesson!

Just pick up a book from Castaneda (or any spiritual book you like). Close your eyes and open it at the paragraph where you eyes go. This will be your “task” for the next 6 months (till Samhain).



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