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THE GATE OF WISDOM - Summer solstice, New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer - 21st June 2020

An annular eclipse is a solar eclipse during which the Moon passes in front of the Sun without completely covering it, which creates a luminous halo that surrounds the Moon, but that often lasts only about a minute.

The June 21st eclipse will be particularly important, as the Moon will block 99% of the Sun, making it an almost total solar eclipse. This eclipse will also darken the sky far more than most ring eclipses, and the “ring of fire” that will appear may even allow the crown to be seen – the warm, white atmosphere that surrounds the Sun and is normally invisible to the naked eye.

This New Moon, in 0° 21 Cancer, will count double since the Moon is the planet that governs the sign of Cancer. The Eclipse, for its part, will completely fly over this New Moon and the emotions will be intense, with a real and extremely rapid impact on the future, mainly in the sentimental domain or touching an activity with an audience. We will nevertheless be aware that this change is absolutely necessary, whether it is undergone or implemented. In any case, it will be a disruption, which will lead to short and medium-term complications. However, we would especially need/crave tenderness, support, and emotional closures with our loved ones. Our privacy (love – family – friendship) will be more important than ever. Mars will play a decisive role as it will intensify the emotions … It will also be easier than usual to get into unbelievable situations, unless it is a search for adventure.

The impressive number of Retrograde planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) and more particularly Mercury, pushes us to re-evaluate a situation, to start again, to restore, to postpone, to RE… to look inside us for what had remained repressed during the last decade, to put in place new projects.

Numbers 21.06.2020

2+1+0+6+2+0+2+0= 13


The number of transformation, metamorphosis, some parts of the past have to die in order to build up a new personality, according to the path followed. Linked to number 4 (structure), let’s pretend that all change is good in order to decrystallize the past; getting rid of the old fears and negative emotions which are blocking our essence.


Summer solstice; number 21 is very important. Not only a passage but an opening to a new and

higher level of awareness. The card in the Tarot of Marseilles is called 'the world'...

This NM is probably a good time to travel in our inner world!

The word of Master Yoda:


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