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THE SCOUT PLANET OR THE SECRET TALISMAN (continuing the astrology revolution)

Most of us have heard of the concept of a Guiding Star, a kind of spiritual talisman able to open closed doors. Ancient Hellenistic (Greek) tradition saw the planets as “moving stars”. When you examine your scout planet, it might give important clues on how you can navigate towards your destiny...The scout planet is easy to find.

It’s the planet in your chart immediately emerging before the sun. Or it is the planet just after the sun, stuck to it with an orb of maximum 3°.

Once determining what planet plays this role in your chart you will find that the house placement shows.

“From ancient times, the planet placed immediately before the Sun has symbolized the practical channel through which solar will and vitality is expressed… because it represents both your inner guiding principle and your innate skills and special faculties, and how both may be best realized, enhanced and applied. Your Skill Symbol shows you how to best handle and cope with the demands and opportunities of daily life in a skilful, productive and fulfilling manner, and where your inherent skills and practical abilities lie… it symbolizes the faculties and inner senses scouting your path ahead, or your ability to navigate the best course to self-realization and fulfilment”. – Michael Meyer

According to my researches, as the Scout planet rises just before the sun, it neutralizes the solar ego of the sign, colouring the personality with its potential. It’s one of the most important factors that need to be synthesized into the interpretation of the natal chart, as it is a planet acting behind the curtains hiding a tremendous potential. If we see the birth chart as a stage, the sun as the story, the moon as the intrigue, and the planets as the roles of the actors, the scout planet is the unexpected character that brings a spicy taste to the piece.

It may be more or less important depending on its placement and condition (sign, house, aspects).

It is also important to consider the asteroids, the centaurs and the nodes as scout planets.

So time to find out our talisman!

May the scout planet reveal an unexpected potential.


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