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The second attention: seeing beyond reality.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

“The first attention is all we are as ordinary people,"

he continued

"By virtue of this absolute reign that it exercises over our life, the first attention is the most precious asset that ordinary man possesses... The second attention is also called consciousness on the left side. It is the broadest field imaginable, so vast in reality that it seems unlimited. "

Carlos Castaneda - The Fire from Within

Armando Torres continues by delivering the following message:

“Just like we need a certain quantity of experience to function as individuals, a sorcerer requires sufficient practice in the second attention to be a true sorcerer; otherwise, he won't be prepared when the time comes, and he will depart into infinity as an incomplete sorcerer."

Armando Torres - Encounters with the Nagual

As an exercise of moving the Assemblage point, after many years of practice I find easily the way to reach the second attention. The process shown by the Spirit is: - going in a torrent - listening to the sound of the water flowing down - hiking up and stopping where my body tells me to stop. So taking pics should be a proof of how to change reality, I mean from first attention to second attention...when your eyes see what you (as a luminous being) need to see. Here your are:

(move of the water in the torrent)

After exhaustive verification, the sorcerers of ancient Mexico came to the conclusion that, just as all live beings possess a defined biological pattern which allows reproducing and evolving, we also have an energy pattern responsible for our development as luminous beings.

Armando Torres - Encounters with the Nagual

To see is the final form of perception; there are no appearances, so it is not possible to be deceived.

Armando Torres - Encounters with the Nagual

(stones with a face)

(Beast in the torrent? )

And they saw that the perception of the world happens when something they called 'the assemblage point of perception' comes into play.

Armando Torres - Encounters with the Nagual

So, let’s go for it!


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