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THE SECRET OF THE LOST GOOSE (a tale of power)

Following the principles of the Toltec nagualist path since 1998, there is a sentence that has been engraved in my mind for more than 2 decades. Here it is:

"there is no ordinary moment”

Understanding the subtlety of the teachings of don Juan, every warrior can find easy to be vigilant to signs, synchronicity and coincidences. Every tale of power starts with something usual becoming unusual, as an example I would like to mention the film “Usual suspects”, describing the art of stalking in a perfect way. The secret of the lost goose should have been then title of a novel or a movie, but I have chosen to make a tale of power. Let’s see how it started...

In the beginning of June, when I came back to Crots (French Alps),the village of my ancestors, I met a mate called Hervé, a farmer and a neighbour. We had a chat and he told me that our common neighbour has smashed and killed one of his gooses with his car. I wasn’t really surprised as the so called common neighbour, a businessman, eager to buy properties and driving a black branded van. This guy also plays the role of the ecologist as a shield to dissimulate his business activity, which consists in stalking people in order to get their houses or fields at the best price. But the most interesting in that drama is that the second goose (don‘ t know if he killed the male or the female) came every morning for 2 weeks, yelling in front of the black van... recognizing the vehicle. The farmer also told me that he never asked for money back, considering the goose was out of the limits of his property. I replied that the guy should have had the initiative to buy another goose, just to keep the laws of nature in motion. I really liked the attitude of the other companion, asking for excuses, yelling and leaving when It had to leave the place. Observing this pantomime every morning, I suddenly realized that it was a manifestation of the nagual, and I had to learn something from it.

Playing the game!

In my childhood I used to play the Game of the Goose: The Goose game is a board game where two or more players move pieces around a track by rolling one or two dice. The aim of the game is to reach square number 63 before any of the other players, while avoiding obstacles such as the Inn, the Bridge, and Death. It is considered the prototype of many of the commercial European racing board games of later centuries. It attained great popularity in the 16th century. The game is mostly played in Europe and seen as family entertainment.

Winning the Game:

To win the game, a piece must land exactly on space 63. If a player throws too many, the piece counts the extra points backwards from the winning space. If you then land on a goose space, you must continue moving backwards by the amount of your throw until you land on a space with no goose space. If you land on the Death space, you must start again.

Don’t forget to look at the sky:

Vulpecula was introduced by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in the late 17th century. Hevelius originally named the constellation Vulpecula cum ansere, or Vulpecula et Anser, which means the little fox with the goose. The constellation was depicted as a fox holding a goose in its jaws. The stars were later separated to form two constellations, Anser and Vulpecula, and then merged back together into the present- day Vulpecula constellation. The goose was left out of the constellation’s name, but instead the brightest star, Alpha Vulpeculae, carries the name Anser.

The secret of the lost goose:

All is a matter to know how to decipher the signs. The Goose game played till number 63=9= house 9 of the Sagittarius, the nomad, the student, the philosopher seeking his destiny throughout life experiences. This game also represented the concept of good fortune, luck and personal power. As don Genaro should have said: the guy smashing the goose just smashed his destiny. I really believe the guy has played the game in reality and put his piece on number 58 - Death : Return your piece to the beginning - start the game again

My lesson: life is full of new departures...and new opportunities of course!


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