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The supreme Anti Virus

Following the second wave of this post apocalyptic virus wearing the name of a crown... it is time to react positively! Let's realize the masquerade played by the system, boosted by the medias to spread fear in the world. Virus was maybe planned a few years ago... what should be interesting for you guys is to watch a movie called Inferno, inspired from Dan Brown's Novel. So many coincidences that can call for an awareness eruption.

This virus, coming from nowhere, had a goal: spreading fear throughout the earth. Fair enough for the flyers (the dark shadows wanting to rule the world), their plan was well targeted. But human beings also have a big amount of inner resources and we fight at our very best with sparkles of awareness.

So let us give you a very efficient anti-virus:

- Awareness,

the art of being aware of the manipulation (Masquerade) and not to fall in the trap of fear.

- Presence,

the art to believe in our potential (personal power) and not to fall in the trap of thinking that "we" all are contaminated.

- Determination,

the art of acting for ourselves and not in favour of the system (Matrix), and not to fall in the trap of weakness.

But I am pretty sure that all of you warriors have a very efficient anti-virus, and that you're going to use it without any guilt.

Being a spiritual warrior is not a joke. We all need commitment, "rage against the machine", and the will of inner liberation.

The actions that follow will be part of your personal legend


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