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A few days ago, I received a message sent by a friend of mine on messenger with a strange petition to sign up against the corona virus. Pretty much intrigued, I decided to read the text written by Fanny and Laurent Lévy, French spiritual guides and lecturers. (

Here’s a part of their letter translated:

“ … How does the virus manifest itself?

It is also the consequence of many ideas, which we find unacceptable. Among these, the widespread thought of being the victim of the conditions of our lives, of being at the mercy of our daily newspapers. With the knowledge that we are what we say we are, creators of the rules of our lives, it is criminal to manifest these ideas, to give them power longer. It is just as criminal, in our opinion, to justify the presence of the virus by banalities of the kind "it is necessary that humanity wakes up", or "it is the necessary purification of the moment", or "this world is rotten, as we know"… These ideas that seem to come after the virus event, as opinions or justifications of it, are also creative.

At the level of the creator being, there is no time as we see it, linearly.

Put simply, there is no "before and after". There are only complete segments, chosen and manifested at every moment. This means that what seems to be the consequence of the virus, these opinions for example, are just as much the cause.

So when we 'say yes' to one of these opinions, or reactions to the virus, we create the virus. When we think, looking at the news, for example, that we are not deciding anything, and that death will happen to us in spite of ourselves, and despite everything we can say, we create the virus. We ask of it be there. It allows our ideas to be true. On a more linear level, 'saying yes' to these ideas every day keeps this creation in place, and perpetuates it so."


The signature requested here is your creation of a reality in which the virus can no longer exist. A vibrant, creative, joyful signature.

What did I do? Of course, I signed it up by taking a wonderful pic of 2 swans and several ducks in a small lake and offered this positive vision of life to friends.

Finally we assemble our world as we see it.


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