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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Carlos Castaneda and his disciple Armando Torres often refer to the Wheel of Time, specially the art of turning the Wheel of Time. What seems abstract for the ordinary world totally ruled by reason, has its own consistency in the world of sorcerers.

In his book ' The secret of the Plumed serpent', Armando Torres following the teachings of Castaneda and don Juan, writes:

Time is the essence of the Eagle's emanations.. ..Sorcerers have discovered that time is not something rigid. The manner in which we perceive it depends on the way we fix the assemblage point. The human beings of our time are imprisoned in a collective position that makes us oscillate around the position of reason where time is linear, a single recurrence moving ever forward in an unchanging direction...

The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

This concept merges perfectly with the one of Laurent Levy, a French spiritual teacher, arguing that we face different lines of reality, and sometimes tunnels, having the choice of our reality oscillating between several pasts or several futures, all unified in the present moment.

After more than 20 years of shamanic practice and more than 5 years exploring the track of time, I had to mingle these concepts and to add my own sauce.

Let's remember that sorcerers are used to experience different types of time, continuities that flow slower or faster or in several directions. The real nature of time is cyclical, with no straight lines in the succession of events. Cycles superimpose themselves on one another, interacting in indescribable ways and mingling to form new cycles.

If we see the flow of time as a tunnel, a good stalker has to learn to face time as it advances towards you, just like a bird facing the oncoming wind in order to soar.

I really like the sentence from Armando Torres:

If you want to deal with the oncoming time, you have to dare living in the present.

The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

As an occidental, loving conceptualization (Indigo chakra), it seems important to deliver a drawing showing the various interactions of the Wheel of Time. Everything is a matter of interaction between different levels of awareness: the inactive past faces the active future, the active past faces the inactive future…

To turn the wheel, every sorcerer has to erase his personal story, to search for a positive change, to find another position of the assemblage point, which is somehow...the core of sorcery.

On the body one can also link the past with the intestines and the future to the lungs.

The words of the end:

A sorcerer who has learned to manipulate the wheel of time, can deliberately interfere in events as much the Power allows, and alter the future in his favour.

The Secret of the Plumed Serpent

Remember fellow warrior that words are power, and sometimes we don’t need to understand, just let the sentences act in your consciousness.


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