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The Wind From The East

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I woke up in a stormy weather, ​

I woke up in a rough sea.

I woke up to breath and dance again,

I woke up a different me.

I walked to the end of heights,

I walked offering my bare skin.

I walked to greet Apeliotes,

I walked to the journey within.

I stopped looking backwards,

I stopped seeing the dark.

I stopped wanting for something,

I stopped preventing the spark.

I stayed there next to the abyss,

Watching the seagulls speak.

I stayed there for as long as I needed,

Because that is the truth I seek.


The female warriors are called the four orients, the four corners of the square, the four moods, the four winds, the four different female personalities that make up the human race.

The first is the East. It's called order. It is optimistic, light and gentle, insistent like a continuous breeze. The second is the North. It's called strength. It is fertile in resources, aggressive, direct, tenacious like a violent wind. The third is the West. It's called feeling. She is introspective, remorseful, cunning, sly like a puff of icy wind. The fourth is the South. It's called growth. It is nourishing, noisy, shy, warm like hot winds.

The Eagle’s Gift by Carlos Castaneda

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