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The teachings of don Juan pushed his apprentice Carlos Castaneda to deal with the inner dialogue. What the Nagualist path calls the inner dialogue is the voice you hear in your mind, permanently knocking your brain with a hammer.

The inner dialogue comes from self criticism with an inner voice, taking fake information from your fears, frustrations, judgements, projections, blocks, rage, anger or any negative emotion running in the stadium of your mind.

Uuupppsss, there’s no cure!

For sure, you’re not sick. You are a human being amongst other human beings searching for a solution which is not located in your mind.

My mentor, the old and wise don Marcelino used to teach me that the inner dialogue is very useful:

First, because it has something to tell you. Observe the inner dialogue and understand what it screams, look at your obsessive thoughts, lack of confidence, fears, angers, detect any boundaries written on the menu for your goals. Then, we can stop it with shamanic exercises. When you stop the inner dialogue, your mind becomes clearer and the solution comes by itself.” Very true.

Here are some tips to stop the inner dialogue:

- sport activities, meditation, yoga, the gait of power, going to a movie or reading a book on awareness, laughing at your self importance… any trick unleashing creativity like painting, sculpture and of course music!

My 3 favourites:

- running, meditation and didgeridoo!

Fellow warrior, try to find your way of stopping the inner dialogue, and first be aware of it!


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