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Uranus: the fruitful insecurity!

In Astrology, Uranus represents rebelliousness, revolution, mill, and the ability to break with limitations and resurface with a new sense of freedom. This planet is related to technology, machinery and electricity.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the first one of the so-called outer planets. Being so far from us, it’s in use only in modern astrology, and it is the planetary ruler of the sign Aquarius. Before the discovery of Uranus, astrologers considered Saturn to be the ruling planet of Aquarius.

Uranus takes about 84 years to circle the sun. Not a quick moving planet, right? It stays in each zodiac sign for about seven years. This number holds another clue to the power of Uranus: seven is an important number in numerology and beyond. In the Tarot, seven is associated with the Chariot, which is all about overcoming conflicts and moving in a positive direction. Because large groups of people share the same Uranus sign, it is called a trans-generational planet, which means that its position in signs affects society as a whole rather than an individual person. (Of course, its house and aspects in the chart are still important.)


The glyph of Uranus has two faces; a turn to the past and one for the future. The dual mind of humanity is separated by the cross of matter, linking the human world to the divine. The mind is supported and energized by the circle of the Spirit.

When dealing with Uranus in astrology, always expect the unexpected. This planet is famous for its eccentricity, revolutionary aspirations and sudden changes. Uranus in astrology is similar to the mad scientist. It’s both the Genius and the Fool.

Both Uranus and Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus are associated with intelligence, inventions and new ideas. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury in astrology. In the human body, it governs the brain. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that a prominent Uranus suggests a very smart person, especially if it has positive aspects with Mercury or the Sun in the natal chart. Its axis of rotation is tilted nearly horizontal, in the plane of its solar orbit. And Uranus is an eccentric planet in astrology. It always does the opposite of what the other planets are doing. Breaking the rules is in its blood.

The unexpected interaction!

It took me ages to realize that there’s a subtle connection between Mercury and Uranus when they are both in Retrograde motion.

In 2022, Uranus started its retrograde motion on the 25th Aug and will be back in

direct motion on the 23rd Jan 2023.

So it has crossed the line with Mercury R (9th Sept- 2nd Oct 2022).This Mercury R was a bit more rebellious than ever putting the awareness of people on the media distribution of fear.

The most intriguing thing, unseen by many astrologers, was the common

retrogradation of Mercury and Uranus in Libra and Taurus, both signs ruled by

Venus. (9th Sept-23rd Sept)

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, we will be spending this entire transit re- evaluating the issues Venus herself governs: finances, abundance, beauty, and earthliness, all through a feminine lens. Uranus in a feminine sign has always been an interesting time for advancing women’s rights.

Speaking of land, our relationship with the earth is due to shift in a big way, too. Taurus is among the earth sign family and is intimately tied in with the agrarian rhythms of human life. Uranus being housed there is going to demand that we pay more attention to our relationship with the green world that surrounds us.

Have Uranus and Mercury invited us to follow the rhythm of the earth instead of the

rhythm of the system (productivity versus creativity)?


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