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Wake up the Goddess (the astrology revolution)

Hi warriors, following the articles on gates and portals, we are arriving slowly slowly to a very important gate: the eclipse (full moon) of the 26th May 2021. This strong move of energy has a particular importance because the eclipse occurs in the axis of the nodes (Gemini/Sagittarius). Desperately trying to find out an innovative solution throughout a consistent analysis of the astrological parameters, I decided to give up with the mental. After many researches on how the evolution of the system has hidden or blocked the real silent knowledge, I also realized that it was time for people to emancipate themselves from mental slavery. The propaganda of vaccination throughout a heavy marketing campaign plans to put human beings at the level of the cows, fully branded by the stamp of the pharmaceutical industry. The dictatorship of the flyers industry is also leading us to surrender in front of reasonable politicians crowned with lies and promises. In that tremendous optical illusion which is the so called “world”, we do need to see what has been hidden from us for centuries. The real world is not on a screen but within the deep ocean of awareness.

The 1st eclipse of the year 2021!

The eclipse of the 26th May is the first of a set of 4, happening in the axis Gemini-Sagittarius, within house 10 according to the new distribution of the houses.

We can also notice planets in all the earth signs. This is called a triangle of earth inviting us to reevaluate the materialistic aspect of modern life. We have to accept gains and loses and to grow up at our rhythm and not the one ordered by the system. But to go straight to the goal is to understand the message of the eclipse. The moon will disappear leading to a gap in Sagittarius. This gap will help us refind what we have lost in our education and conditioning. Sagittarius symbolizes a triple aspect that we don’t have to forget: the student, the nomad, the philosopher. Bouncing in the opposite the very intellectual Gemini, ruled by Mercury the god of communication, it will be time to strengthen our link with the Intent (the Nagual). This eclipse will be full of revelations that have been kept away by the system and the ones ruling it at the moment.

Here are my perceptions...coming after a 2 hours gait of power in the hills.

Traditional astrology is following the male as a leader!

There’s a resemblance between traditional astrology and the religions, as the male power leads the symbolism from the bottom to the top. Even if there’s an opening with the Sun and the moon, the planetary team is entirely dominated by the gods (men). Let's have a look at the planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Fortunately we have Venus behind the curtains, always ready to remind us of her presence. 6 gods and 1 goddess, not fair!

So what has been occulted from a real approach to astrology is the same as what has been devilled in the religions: the feminine energy (the women). We have to remember about Mythology and all the gods and goddesses used as symbols in astrology. What has been hidden or forgotten are the asteroids called Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta.

Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, wife and sister of Jupiter, associated to the sign of Cancer or Virgo she is the symbol of humility, motherly love, fertility, dedication to the family.

She is the mother goddess.

Ceres is the counterpart of Saturn.

Juno is the 7th wife of Jupiter, daughter of Saturn and Rhea. She is the symbol of marriage. Linked to the moon cycles, she is the protector of pregnant women and children. She also represents reproduction through a harmonious relationship and can be associated to the sign of Libra. Or Scorpio.

She is the wife.

Juno is the counterpart of Jupiter.

Pallas (Athena) is the daughter of Jupiter, the warrior goddess, also protector of the city of Athens. She represents social life, the arts and wisdom. Her symbols are the owl and the olive tree. Associated to the sign of Libra, she is a master class negotiator or diplomat.

She is the daughter.

Pallas is the counterpart of Mars.

Vesta is the elder daughter of Saturn and Rhea, sister of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres and Juno. She represents the home, the language of the fire. Protector of the family and the cities, she is the keeper of the keys of the sacred fire.

Venerated in temples by the Vestals, she is the symbol of purity, honor and hospitality. Associated to the sign of Libra, she shows how to control basic instincts and transform them into spirituality. Represents the fire of the karma burning.

She is the sister.

Vesta is the counterpart of Pluto.

In traditional astrology, Venus is somehow the counter part of Neptune. Time to wake up the goddess and to explore where the hidden parts of the zodiac are located. This is why I chose a chart with the asteroids for this eclipse!

Lucky number 13!

26= 13 x 2 26.05.2021

26+5=31 (reverse 13)

Number 13, symbol of transformation and regeneration after death. Probably it will be the death of the ego, the devastating level of self importance brought by the system. Time to accept a real change of both sides: physical and spiritual.

We can find the number 13 three times, transformation bouncing on house 3 (house of Gemini) and the link to the communication with the Spirit.

31= 3+1= 4 linked to house 4 where the eclipse takes place.

26052012 = 18

In Osho Zen tarot, number 18 symbolizes the past lives, so gives a boost to the axis of the Nodes.

18= 9 leading us to house 9 (house of the Sagittarius).

Glad to see everything is subtlety connected.

Humanity has the luck and the opportunity to cleanse its karma. One important thing is the alignment set up by the flyers, wishing to align the maximum of people in their nets..with the vaccines. This is the trap in which we do not want to fall. Seeing lies and manipulation is in itself an act of awareness.

I like the position of Vesta in Virgo (ascendant). Juno is conjunct South Node. Pallas is opposite Vesta and the ascendant. Ceres is conjunct Uranus.

We can also explore our lacks and understand that the influence of the asteroids might help to find an amazing response.

So let’s wake up the goddesses with sweetness. Let them deliver their message.

May this eclipse bring you what you need to recover!


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