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What is Love?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Following the Wolf moon, I had a chat on FB with one of our Irish readers Cel from Bray. A few exchanges about astrology, feelings and how to “handle” love. Obviously, this is the most difficult topic to be discussed at the moment, the occidental world being totally absorbed by fears and other non useful preoccupations. During the am WE I also received a Happy NY message from an old mate (Bernard) from my tourism years in the 90’s, whom, by the way was born in the same town as mine... 6 years before. The coincidence was so nice, having a number 6 path life, this

last full moon in Cancer putting the wolf nature in motion. Number 6 is also the symbol of the Lovers in Osho (and Marseilles) Tarot. It was time for me to unleash the secret of the Toltec shamans, revealed by Carlos Castaneda and his apprentices.

What is Love?

Let’s start by a song from the 90’s-singer Haddaway:

The lyrics are amazing and we can find the idea of suffering throughout Love:

What is love?

Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me, no more...

Somehow we all can identify with “hurt me no more”, after a separation. We are not dead, only the relationship is. But, another relationship may come to surface, just like the feelings stuck in a fridge? When you open the fridge...

According to the old shamans, Love is an inner flame that you want to share with

someone else, and this someone else wants to share it with you.

This subtle process leads to the word “passion”.

Love has also different levels of intensity:

- you can love as a man/woman

- you can love as a father/mother...grandfather/grandmother

- you can love as a brother/sister

- You can love and be loved by an animal...

Many spiritualist movements talk about “unconditional love”,which is for them, the

caviar of feelings! The opening of the heart chakra is part of it!

Where are the traps?

* Dealing with love is dealing with fear. Really? Yes, why suffering!

From one side, we have the fear of loving, and on the other side, we have the fear of being loved. Not bad. Human beings are a bit complicated. Do not forget that in our Christian education, we’ve always had the picture of suffering in front of our eyes. Shall I described the guy bleeding on a cross... So no more guilt or whatever fear blocks the arrival of the ship/plane LOVE.

* The syndrome of Pygmalion: avoiding projections.

In Greek mythology, the story of Pygmalion and Galatea refers to a legend telling the story of the sculptor Pygmalion who falls in love with his creation, Galatea, a statue made alive by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who understands Pygmalion’s wish. Nowadays, we are falling love with pictures on behalf of the over consumption of social network profiles. Fantasy has taken the leash, and all the internet addicts become slave to their fantasies. You can choose your lover directly on the web.

Unleashing Love....

There’s no need to find methods to open the heart chakra. The green chakra opens by itself when you are aware of what kind of fear blocks it.

It is important to make the difference between desire and love, a frontier that a man

crosses easily. Somehow real love is beyond physical appearance when talking about a karmic

relationship or a soul mate relationship. The limits are only fixed by our eduction part of the system. For the ones educated in Catholicism, suffering comes first. Love escapes from the heart chakra to reach heaven and the holy father.

Love doesn’t involve possession (my wife, my husband, my girlfriend, my boyfriend)

Love only involves sharing and caring... so a mutual part of freedom.

Let’s finish with a sparkle of awareness!


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