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What's Going On??

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Yesterday during the transition from Libra to Scorpio, on the spur of the moment my daughter and I met up with two friends. The space served a double function, restaurant and playing field for kids. It was all luck, things falling into place. We had a good time.

The woman I was sharing a table with, aware and unvaxxed, was born in Cancer, married to a Pisces. Together they had a daughter born under the sign of Scorpio. A family triangle of Water.

As usual we discussed the current situation, the moves of the dark side, giving support and insight to each other. I was facing inwardly into the restaurant where some TV sets were spitting silent images. The sound of music was coming from the neighbouring restaurant, one single wall away from our table. She was facing out, keeping an eye on the kids.

Some kind of British food channel was on one TV, and a silent music channel on the other. I kept

pointing to the food channel which to our amazement, chagrin and amusement was infested with commercials promoting vaccines, apps that 'help' you reduce your 'carbon footprint' (a term so dishonest it makes me sick), and other NWO dirt. We laughed it off, at the same time feeling the heaviness of the fight ahead; understanding silently that while the dark agenda has been seriously wounded by the resistance it is about to react with all its violent fear.

And then a subtle miracle. A message. A track. On the screen in front of me a music video was playing. I knew the video well. In my youth I had loved the song singing it “from the top of my lungs.” But I had an uneasy feeling. Something strange was happening. My ears were hearing the same song, only an electronic remixed version, coming from the neighbouring restaurant! The silent video was of the original, the sound from the other restaurant, another version. Same song, double. A tremor of the Force. Immediately I understood. The Double. Connect to the Double.

The band is called 4 non blondes. So expressing the passage through the dark.

4 = Earth Element.

The challenge is understanding: “What's going on?”

The action: Drop the conditioned mind. Connect to the Double.


(the song)

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