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Words of Light in Trying Times

In the book Encounters with the Nagual Armando Torres reports the following conversations with Carlos Castaneda. What follows here is a series of snippets coming from a chapter called

I Believe Because I Want To.

“...the true dialogue of warriors (is) not founded in our reason, but in our energy savings.”

“...the validation of such an irrational topic as 'the movement of the assemblage point' can only be done via premises of power... there is no way to corroborate its movement than to move it for ourselves and see what happens.”

“...the mystery of the world is not inside, but outside. Or in other words, the solution is not mental, it is practical.”

“...the movement of the assemblage point is something as natural, and at the same time as sophisticated, as speaking or thinking. If we are not taught how to do it, we never do it ...the key to either reaching or losing the extraordinary achievements of sorcery resides in consensus, in the agreements we make.”

“The first effect of penetrating the consensus of sorcerers is that those dualities we have always accepted as something self-evident stop being operative, which at first is extremely disconcerting for the reason. In time, sorcerers learn that in a world where there are no solid objects, but rather beings who flow among various states of awareness, it doesn't make sense to try to separate truth from lies.”

“(Sorcerers) look not for definitions, but for results. If a practice can elevate our level of awareness, what does it matter how we explain it to ourselves! How we start acting to save and increase energy is not important, because once we are in possession of our totality, we enter a new field of attention where we don't care about concepts anymore, and things demonstrate themselves.”

“... a sorcerer won't tell you that his vision of the world is the real one. He tells you 'I believe because I want to, and you can do it, too.' This expression of will is something very powerful, and will provoke, as an avalanche, events of power.”

“Nagualism is like somebody who inherited a story or a treasure map, but doesn't believe in it; so he comes to you and gives his secret to you. And you are so clever, or so naive, that you take the story as truth and dedicate yourself to deciphering the map. But the map is coded with various keys, which makes you learn several languages, go to difficult places, dig in the ground, climb mountains, descend into ravines, and dive in deep waters.

After years of searching, you arrive where the treasure should be, and – oh, how disappointing! -- you just find a mirror. Was it a lie? Well, you are healthy, strong, well educated, full of adventures, and you've had a great experience. Truly there was a treasure there!”

“...(the warrior) learns to focus on the world from another point of view – the focus of silence. It is only then that the immense treasure of the teachings is revealed.”


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