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Chasing the link of communication with the Spirit. Numerology report of the 18th March 2022 (FM)

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

After having written the text on this special full moon of the 18th March, I noticed that there also were interesting tracks with the numbers. First of all, the numbers of the FM are aligned on the axis 3/6/9:

18 = 1 + 8 = 9

March = 3

2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

So let’s start our:

Number 3 represents any matter of communication (house 3 = house of the Gemini).

Number 6 represents harmony, love and affection. It focuses on human relations.

Number 9 represents universality, a global vision of the world and not the egoistic one.

When such an important full moon also resonates with alignments of planets and

numbers, it amplifies its message.

Deciphering with the Zen Osho Tarot!

The karmic number 18 (also a symbol of the moon) invites us to understand the karma(s) cleansing and the impact of our past lives in our unconscious. I see a parallel with the role of Pluto, acting like a catalyst. (BETWEEN SURPRISES & REVELATIONS). The turbulent period in which we live in is somehow necessary for a rise of awareness. Accepting it - is a plus. Finding our place (mission) in a new society, will be our next challenge. We carry the genes of our ancestors and the characteristic of a kin.

Number 3, the card of creativity a warmly welcome before spring Equinox, invites us to be centred in our navel = Svadhisthana chakra = navel = Orange colour. What is important for us in life become vital and ecstatic. Any impulse of creation has to be listened to carefully. Let’s be in touch with our Nagual part, the left side of the brain...the one that doesn’t obey to the laws of reason.

Number 6 with the zen tarot card talks by itself.The quest of harmony between the opposite.

Number 9, representing aloneness makes us understand that we are alone to walk a path throughout the light, like the hermit walking alone in the dark to approach the light.

1 + 8 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 18 = 9

If the dark represents our fears, the message is clear: we can cross the river without being afraid of sinking.

The flow of fears spread by the medias has to come to an end. We can stop it now, by opening our eyes to the invisible world, the supra sensible. Improving our link of communication with the Spirit (Nagual) is an essential step to avoid fake and poisonous info.


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